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Frustrated by scanty hair? Scalp micro pigmentation is rising as a promising alternative: Change U Scalp

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Change U Scalp / CEO Kim Dong-hyun

According to National Health Insurance Service, the number of people who have experienced hair loss reached to 10 million as of 2017. Unlike in the past where the symptoms mostly occurred to older people, young people also suffer today. People with bald head normally covered their heads with wigs while others planted. Rising as a promising alternative to these two traditional hideouts is scalp micro pigmentation known as SMP.

SMP is a method that specialists ink the scanty parts of the head with black ink so that it looks rich and abundant. The finish is so natural that one might hardly recognize one's hair loss. For this same reason, it requires the specialists with high level of technique to get it done properly.

"Understanding the skin of the scalp is the very basic and the application requires utmost attention to detail and execution. As the ink should be perfectly poured into the pores where the hair is less or non at all, knowledge and dexterity play the key role" explains Kim Dong-hyun, CEO of Change U Scalp. 

Change U Scalp is second to none when it comes to SMP. The academy boasts the highest number of students who have successfully passed the training. While words are spreading fast on social media, CEO Kim is expanding the business nationwide. Busan as the command post, Change U Scalp is currently found in Seoul, Daejeon and Gimhae. It is notable that most people visiting Change U Scalp are in their 20s and 30s. 

To promote this brand new type of hair loss solutions in more systematic way, Kim recently launched the Korea Scalp Micro Pigmentation Society. 

"I worked in the pharmaceutical division of Chong Kun Dang Busan for 3 years during which I accumulated extensive knowledge and knowhow in the related field and it helped me a lot to launch the society as well as my own business. The society will play the part to increase level of skills of the specialists and the industry as a whole."

Alongside promoting SMP, Kim and the Korea Tattoo Federation joined hands to legalize tattoo in South Korea. They have already visited Constitutional Court of Korea a number of times and field a constitutional appeal. They are also carrying out one man picketing in front of the National Assembly. South Korea is known to be the only country where tattoo is illegal but practiced anyway.



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东铉总经ƣ“们对头层较ԣCHANGE. U SCALPSMP纹发术够头纹头纹术肤߾߾画画儿SMP纹发壬真پ发径䣬仿真头发پҥ几清真پ与á头层内ȣ预پҥ伤“
ݼߣ总⣬CHANGE. U SCALP尔˰区ߣס内为让顾国Դ优质SMP纹发术ҽ


CHANGE. U SCALP韩国头纹专业学会——韩国头纹学会KSMP总ݻ

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