Nara Bio leads 'one world-one health' with eco-friendly ModuSsack, ModuSsack Ca+Mg and Ddangbuja

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▲ Nara Bio / CEO Kim Il-ho

The term 'one health' is a whole scale effort of human beings to bring optimized environmental benefits and solutions to people, animals and ecologies on the planet earth. The term is new to many but the concept was already used by Greek physician Hippocrates as 'air, water and place' claiming that health of human beings depend on clean environment. In 2003, the concept re-appeared as 'one health' on the The Washington Post publishing an article about Ebola virus urging the people that man, animals and environment were not independent terms but must be treated as 'one'. The article alarmed people abusing pollutants that raised temperature on earth and leaders in the world who feel the need for change is now bringing up measures as a result.
A South Korean company Nara Bio has walked along this global 'one world-one health' movement through contribution to farmers growing chemical-free agricultural products. Its famous and innovative eco-friendly ModuSsack is made by using the benefit of sulfur in which field CEO Kim Il-ho is received and recognized widely as a sulfur specialist. 
Kim started research on sulfur from 2002 and developed a technique that combines detoxified sulfur and microbial metabolism matters. The technique propelled Kim to introduce numerous eco-friendly pesticides of which ModuSsack boasts excellence in performance and keeping environment clean. 
"Detoxified sulfur with microoganism and its metabolism matters in perfect balance is the innovation of our products. They help crops endure blight and harmful insects better and prevent germs from invading. Naturally, the quality as well as the productivity increase" explains Kim.
ModuSsack has obtained proofs of performance on 34 kinds of blights and harmful insects on 26 kinds of crops including strawberry, chili, pear, onion, cucumber, garlic, tomato and melon. The tests encourage farmers to apply 500:1 dilution and spray every 10 to 15 days. If used to treat blight, dilute 250:1 and spray twice every five days and observe for four days. Kim calls this 5-2-4 principle for maximum effect. 
ModuSsack Ca+Mg, recently released on the market, is a follow-up of ModuSsack. This liquid calcium gets absorbed fast, helps reduce physiological stress and prevent etioplast of leaves as well as clubroot, sclerotium disease and downy mildew, according to Kim.
ModuSsack Ca+Mg is strengthened with calcium and magnesium and 12% and 5% are contained respectively. It can be mixed with other Nara Bio products but using with products from different brands and companies must seek advice from specialists at Nara Bio before using. 
Also released on the market alongside ModuSsack Ca+Mg is Ddangbuja. This fertilizer is made with sulfur, rice bran and mica and it helps crops grow better. It makes soil incorporation easier and is absorbed into water without difficulty. A fertilizer response test on lettuce showed more than 53% natural increase in liquid and it enhanced sugar, coloring and storage. 
To prove whether Nara Bio products are performing as they are, CEO Kim and staff of Nara Bio organize visits to farmers using their products and broadcast it on Youtube. A cherry tomato farm runner Kim Jeong-hyun and Yoon Ju-hyung said that they had benefited from ModuSsack and thanked Kim and his staff helping their hands out in this time of harvest season. 
National Mosamo Federation president Park Suk-bae says that ModuSsack needs initial 2 or 3 times of taming period to see gradual effect on transportation and interlayer. Sulfur is a substance harmful insects abhor and naturally ModuSsack carries out sterilization and insecticide at the same time. Note that mixing with other brands is resulted in damage rather than helping so farmers are highly recommended to use Nara Bio products for mix and match. 
Nonsan Council vice chairman Lee Gye-chun says that farmers in the region suffered from rice blast and dieback last year but they have experienced less damages by blight and harmful insects despite more than 50 days of raining this summer thanks to ModuSsack. It is encouraging that the government provides subsidy to farmers using eco-friendly agricultural materials and substances. 
Nara Bio CEO Kim Il-ho has published a paper on a renowned academic journal in Europe in cooperation with a genetics research team at Konkuk University. He has applied for a patent under the title: Growth Boost Composite With Detoxified Sulfur As Active Ingredient.
Kim has obtained certificates for Venture Enterprise, and Venture Enterprise Research Center led by Konkuk University genetics professor Yang Young-mok with assistant head professor Jang Gyeong-jin (immunology major at Kyoto University Japan with research experience on virus). Recently joined the team is a doctor from Seoul National University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
Nara Bio'a sales last years was 4.4 billion won (3.9 million USD) and CEO Kim is expecting 10 billion won this year. He plans IPO for KOSDAQ in 2022 and has already built a task force for this. Also as part of this effort, he relocated factory to Gunsan City on a 46,280 square meter land last August. He is to see introduction of automated manufacturing systems to the factory soon which will secure mass production capacity and price competitiveness. 
"It is my wildest dream to draw 1 trillion won sales within next five years. In order to achieve this, like-mindedness of the staff and employees are vital which is the reason I shared part of the factory land for a resting park and asked all staff and employees to use honorific forms when calling names each other" says Kim

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