The soap and hand wash that benefit people and nature: Gangchung Soap and Ansimhae

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▲ KC Soap / CEO Kim Min-woo

KC Soap is a South Korean soap company nailed its name onto winners’ board of the 2020 Korea Green Products of the Year alongside Samsung and LG Electronics.
CEO Kim Min-woo established KC Soap in 2002. Back then, Korean’s interest in chemical-free soap was almost none. As a man of accomplishment, he worked for Samsung in the foreign capital purchase division and was promoted to the youngest branch head of a Samsung Living Plaza. 
Almost everybody wants to get a job at Samsung but he had brewed a thought of running his own business ever since he got into this global electronics giant. When he quit, he had no plan what to do. One day, an ad came to his eye: a chemical-free soap factory on sale. He immediately arranged an appointment and signed a contract literally in 30 seconds, thus born was KC Soap.
Having had no knowledge whatsoever about chemical-free soap, he studied day and night and gradually made difference to the factory with better systems.
“It suits my thirst for something I desire to do perfectly. I learned a lot about soap and environment and met a lot of good people also. The reckless instinct, which made me quit the job at Samsung, gradually turned to confidence and then to ‘this is it’. And this is it is but KC Saop” says Kim.
The flagship brand Gangchung Soap is made for the use of hands and face, kitchen, laundry and multipurpose. Not a single chemical substance is added but only the recycled used vegetable oil which biodegrades even the bubbles of soap. 
After 5 years of struggling to make Gangchung Soap known to consumers, Kim succeeded turning the loss to the profit and the sales have been increasing rapidly year by year. Taking the momentum, he added a lab-type factory in Gwangju and another factory in Damyang. 
There is a doubt about eco-friendly soaps that they become undesirable when it comes to performance. To this, Kim assures that Gangchung Soap contains glycerine found in vegetable oil, so the bubbles are rich and moisturizing excellent.
“Gangchung Soap has better performance than chemical soaps with 90% more antibacterial and two times more sterilization results. Because the soap does not contain alcohol, it does not cause skin trouble even to the babies with atopy.”
Apart from Gangchung Soap, Kim is recently enjoying rapidly increasing sales of its hand wash brand ‘Ansimhae’. Koreans started to recognize this domestic brand during the Japan’s economic sanction and the COVID-19 is booting the sales. Ansimhae is also made with KC Soap’s patented eco-friendly technique and all ingredients as well as manufacturing processes are clearly stated on the product.
As a man of good heart, Kim makes regular donations to people in need and increasing the number of disabled employees to take part in making a better society.

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