Don’t know where to put your mask at lunch? Desizon mask case can help you!

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▲ Desizon / CEO Kim Yoon-su

Wearing a mask is no longer an option but a must. As people are getting used to it, some people find it hard where to put it when an occasion occur that they need to take it off such as in mealtime. Desizon, a South Korean moisture remover manufacturer, brought up an idea for this.

As a man of foresight ability, CEO Kim Yoon-su made a mask case late last year before COVID-19 started to spread far and wide. But in fact, his foresight ability was not a myth but his diligence and attention to detail. 

“This mask case helps people keep their mask. At the same time, the case removes moisture and smell from the mask. So the case is versatile” says Kim.

The filters of KF94 or KF80 collect and lock up dusts and viruses by creating static. However, the temperature difference between inside and outside mask creates moisture. Static is vulnerable to moisture. This is the reason that a used musk should better be disposed after wearing only once.

But silica in Desizon mask case removes this moisture to keep the mask dry and fresh. Silica is an eco-friendly deodorant and commonly found within food packages such as seasoned laver to keep it dry.

“Tests show that Desizon mask case increased level of static more than a new mask when kept for an hour. Tests also show that silica removes harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide by 99%.”

Desizon mask case has been sold more than 1 million this year alone. However, Kim is worried that around 50 replicas are being traded on the market at the moment and for this he has already applied two patents. Desizon mask case is sold online, 7-ELEVEN and ARTBOX.

Alongside the mask case, Desizon sells more than 10 moisture removers for wardrobe, closet, kitchen, cars and shoes under the brand name Masuri. A sensor installed in each product turns blue to pink to indicate moisture is filled up and it is time to dry and reuse it again.

Desizon is sold in South Korea, US, China, Hong Kong and Japan. The company makes donation on a regular basis to those who need Desizon products. 


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