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▲ CEO Lee Kyung-nam

As long as the Corona 19 virus is not over, wearing masks is now a must for any country in the world.
From this point of view, there is a leading company in the K-stationery industry circle at home, which has been gaining attention by challenging K-disinfection while focusing on mask production.
"Golden Nebula Group Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Kyung-nam) is a stationery-specialized company that has harnessed its reputation as a leading stationery enterprise through trust, promise, creativity and innovation, and has increased its competitiveness in the global era during last 3 years by exporting it to many countries around the world. 
Recently, Golden Nebula is paying a lot of attention to production processes and quality control to give consumers confidence through masks," like we did with same method when producing stationery products so that customers can feel that they are really reliable masks from fabric to packaging.", says CEO Lee in an exclusive interview with the Power Korea Media Group. 
Golden Nebula, which has 5 million capacity of its production a month, is pinning high hopes on the online market and expects the golden item to be a mask that will bring a five-fold increase in terms of its current company turnover.
When asked why Golden Nebula's name value has grown so rapidly since its foundation in February 2017, Lee said, "Our company is focusing its efforts on a process of producing all products not only domestically but also abroad based on trust and commitment from customers, and all partners are working as medium-sized companies as soon as possible to build quality products that customers want and to build on time.
"Golden Nebula does its best to win the top spot in quality and service satisfaction not only in Korea but also in the overseas stationery market by forming a grand alliance with many suppliers at home and abroad, and is a guideline to cherish all customers who use our products," Lee stresses. 
The domestic mask industry is paying close attention to whether Golden Nebula, which is at the top of the list with such a management policy, will be able to create a new sensation in the mask market by focusing its efforts on the same process. 

According to a company official, Golden Nebula means "a trusted company that impresses customers," and Golden Nebula produces and sells a total of 120 stationery products, including files and binders, at competitive prices, and also has manufacturing partners overseas. 
Throughout the interview with Power Korea Media Group whose magazine Power Korea is being distributed to overseas KOTRA offices all over the world, Lee's constant emphasis is that Golden Nebula is working with various domestic and foreign companies to produce customized products on time and is doing its best to win the No. 1 spot in quality and service satisfaction not only in Korea but also in overseas stationery markets. Therefore, Golden Nebula is believed to be increasing its competitiveness in line with the global era by exporting its products to other countries based on customer trust.

Golden Nebula's strategy to target niche markets can also be found in binder products with a lid-type label decoration for the first time in the world released after a year of research. The designer involved in product design explains that the new product Golden Nebula's binder, which completely removes inconvenience from existing users, is also emotionally designed to have an interior effect when the file is inserted. 
"Golden Nebula, which supplies products through customized methods by various organizations and organizations, is loved as a product that applies design to materials that fit the characteristics of the company. For customization, there is a limit to large companies to take this approach, and it is difficult for small and medium-sized companies to find a place with such technology," said CEO Lee, expressing his special know-how to achieve  a great niche success for Golden Nebula. 
One of the most notable aspects of Golden Nebula's business methods is the fact that it has moved away from relying solely on sales of traditional stores and is leading the way in online sales, including the activation of virtual reality (VR) virtual online shopping malls, in light of the death of fixed costs such as the activation of online shopping malls. 
The online market has grown rapidly since the Internet was activated in the early 2000s, and more recently, online sales have been seen to overtake offline in many areas. These days, with the advent of the post-Corona 19 virus era, the "untouch culture" is once again feeling that his judgment was correct, and he explained that he did not regret his decision because he already knew the decrease trend of the offline market, which had stopped, although many people dissuaded him when he first decided to do business online.
Pointing out that there are loopholes in the sales methods of large retailers, CEO Lee said, "Golden Nebula will actively develop new distribution channels, breaking away from the sales structure of the stationery industry in the past 60s and 70s." 

The options Lee is considering to solidify his company's leading position in the K-stationery industry and raise the reputation of Golden Nebula brands are to participate in consumer fairs in Asia and Europe, including the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China and the Frankfurt Consumer Fair, to name just a few and to increase the awareness of companies and brands by utilizing networks of overseas trade centers such as KOTRA.
For reference, Guangzhou Canton Fair in China is Asia's largest trade fair, which began in 1957, one of the world's top three fairs, and is the world's largest comprehensive trade exhibition with more than 200,000 buyers from around the world each year. Each exhibition is divided into three periods (1 period - 5 days), and import exhibition areas are opened in the first and third stages of each exhibition, with an area of 20,000 square meters. 
Canton Fair is called "China's First Exhibition," and although there are many comprehensive exhibitions in China, Canton Fair is considered to be no match for the exhibition in scale and recognition, so Golden Nebula's participation in such exhibitions will be of great help to the company's recognition and brand marketing, according to CEO Lee.
Another notable point in Lee's remarks is the realization of the opening of about 100 chain stores in each city in South Korea, which is a social contribution to the management of the vulnerable. Lee's plan is to open a new window of opportunity for the socially disadvantaged, although the opening of such a nationwide chain may be delayed somewhat in the aftermath of the spread of the Corona 19 virus.

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