Onface takes over domestic market with cutting edge face recognition temperature checker

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▲ Onface / CEOs Kim Min-suk and Jeong Sung-won

Onface is a South Korean IT company established February 2017. With its face recognition technology, the company opened up local subsidiary in Hongkong in 2016 followed by Thailand, Japan and Singapore in order before setting up an office in South Korea the next year. 

Experts in the company boast 10 years of experience in the field and are confident to say that future security system depends on face recognition instead of pin number, card, fingerprint or iris. With this confidence, they are now focusing on face recognition temperature checker. 

Last month, the company signed a business agreement with 41FourOne and they soon to release a face recognition temperature checker on the market. 

41FourOne has a factory, material and distribution platform and runs its own brands Lisafe, AIBIO and PLA&. Its business covers IT, BIO, medical equipment, beauty, trade, distribution, franchise and e-commerce. Onface, on the other hand, has knowhow in VR, headphones, Bluetooth, plazma ionizer air purification and sterilization, and face recognition. 

Everyone at Onface has been good friends and has poured their passion and expertise to bring Made in Korea face recognition products. While China is leading the field, many Korean companies gave up during the development stage or import goods instead. 

CEO Jeong Sung-won says “As far as I know, Onface is the only remaining Korean company that has faith in Made in Korea face recognition products. It is our firm conviction that we must not just give up the market to China and we will prove Korean’s tenacity and fighting spirit. In fact, it is not only about keep our pride but Korea’s pride.”

Onface introduced its own face recognition doorlocks homeland in 2018 and succeeded exporting to Japan. By then, the company already has a 5G R&D center, developed ‘personal handy system’ and became the first Korean company to supply the goods to a Japanese communications company. 

CEO Kim Min-suk says “We run our own factory Onface SDC in the Gumi Industrial Complex which proceeds the research, development and manufacturing seamlessly. In other words, it is our manifestation that we take 100% responsibility from research and production to warranty. In fact Onface SDC is also supplying parts to Hyundai and Kia Motors and the factory obtained SQ Mark given to cutting edge equipment and facilities. In addition, Onface SDC is the only company within the complex that can manage 5G manufacturing.”

The move of Onface is significant as Chinese temperatures checkers imported to South Korea in early stage of COVID-19 were expensive and had some problems. Both Jeong and Kim has taken this seriously and rolled up sleeves to take over the field with domestic technologies. In this respect, Onface doorlocks being exported to tech-proud Japan has already proved its capability and recognition.

Onface’s face recognition temperature checker will read the temperature within a second alongside whether mask is on or off. Also, the checker is expected to recognize only the real face. Some of Chinese products proved fault when using photos or video image and the temperature shows normal all the time. 

Kim says “This actually encouraged us to see the need to develop our own face recognition devices. We are determined to prove Korea’s capability like we proved K-Quarantine to the world.”

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