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Soapy is a South Korean perfume brand. CEO Jeong Eun-young grew obsessed with good perfume and it eventually led to launching her own brand under her philosophy: A Memorable Scent Even For The Subtle.

Made by natural oils, Soapy ripples off a scent of luxury and intimatearound the wearer which cannot be achieved by artificial. <PowerKorea> met Jeong and learned its luxury and intimacy.


P. How did you start Soapy?

J. Soapy started with diffuser. I used natural oils and it naturally led to bath and body care. There is a word ‘aromachology’. It is the study of the influence of scents that affect human emotions and behavior. I thought it good for people use scent in the bath to relax and release the day’s stress before going to bed.

P. How did you develop your business?

J. I made a diffuser supply contract with a hotel. The deal went on quite well for a good length of time and I grew my confidence. From then on, I had pushed myself engaging in mom’s cafes online and free markets. It was amazing to see one hundreds of my sprays sold out in the market. However, marketing is still a difficult part as it coasts quite a sum of money and strategies.

▲ Soapy CEO Jeong Eun-young

P. What are your strategies?

J. Online markets are huge especially when it comes to relatively young people saying around 20 to 30. They are mobile-driven and social media-based trade platforms are increasing rapidly. Instagram in particular is becoming a hotbed for advertising goods and also selling goods. So I want to make most of the mobile platforms while make it steady of offline stores for consumers to pay a visit to check with their sense of the body.

P. What is the flagship product?

J. I can say it’s the body mist. It has received fair reviews on quality of the scent which makes me feel rewarded and proud. (It has been sold 5,000 within a short period of launching). If I added one more thing, I would say it’s the body cream which literally is designed for the body.


P. What do you think makes Soapy different?

J. From research and development to marketing, everything is done by us, the team. As the captain of the team, I search and pick up ingredients and also engage in quality management. I used to be shy during my school years but the passion in scent has turned me into proactive.

P. If you give a tip or two to young startups, what would that be?

J. Dream big, I would say. But more importantly, knowing what I really want to do. If you know what you want, you have made half of it already. So you know what to do now, then you have to act! Just do it!

P. What is your goal in long term?

J. Concept, stability and convenience are the three key elements to success in this time of mobile-commerce. It is my goal to challenge overseas market and grow my brand to be globally known. As part of this effort, I and my team are working on adding more lines for skin and scalp.


▲ SOAPY'S managing director Cho Myung-Won

SOAPY'S managing director Cho Myung-Won adds:

"All Soapy products are made with EWG Green grade ingredients, blended with enriched moisturizing factors that help strengthening the skin barrier, nourishing, improving skin density and texture. As we are setting up our R&D laboratory, we will soon add body care, facial care and scalp care to our lines." Cho has over 10years of extensive experience in health & beauty care products related businesses and a key player in the development.

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