The art of owning an affordable and eco-friendly house in cities and in suburban

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▲ Hyunjin Construction / CEO Choi Hyung-gwon

City dwellers who own a country house seem to keep increasing steadily amid spread of COVID-19. Unlike in the past where most of them had a one for investment, today they want it literally to live or use as a holiday home. 
This is closely related to raised awareness on healthy life style both physically or financially accelerated by the recent outbreak of the virus. And the trend is shifting from grandiose to minimal.
Hyunjin Construction is a South Korean company specialized in modular houses that are minimal, movable and above all eco-friendly. A modular house is 70 to 80% made at a factory and assembled on the site like Lego blocks. 
Hyunjin Construction’s eSteel Box is designed to enhance beautiful exterior and strong light weight steel frames. One might see the difference of eSteel Box from container houses for agreeable finish. Also, a 43 square meter house costs only around 27 million won (23,000 USD). eSteel House was welcomed by Japan who ordered 100 units to accommodate workers who had to deal with Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011. 
Recent housing price hike and the government’s tougher regulations on speculation is encouraging people to turn their eyes to affordable houses. And among those who wish to stay within the city rather than suburban are paying attention to Changsin-dong, Jongno, Seoul, for an obtainable patch of field and a beautiful city view. Accordingly, Hyunjin is introducing glass-enhanced modular houses for the view alongside urban design and convenience. 
“Like many other cities in South Korea, Seoul is surrounded by mountains. Using hills of these mountains is an ideal option for city dwellers to own an affordable house that comes with a beautiful city view. Alongside Changsin-dong, Hannam-dong and Bogwang-dong in Yongsan District, Seoul, are also ideal spots” says CEO Choi Hyung-gwon. 
To meet this new market demand, Choi is working on his trendy housing brand Cher Bonheur which stands for cherish and happiness in English. This new concept housing complex focuses on communal village yet fenced houses themed on contemporary life style that comes with a little pet village.
One of the notable construction materials Hyunjin uses is graphene. Used for pencil lead, a test from a team at Chungnam National University showed that far-infrared ray generated from graphene kills 99.8% novel influenzas. The far-infrared ray is also known to give positive effect to neutralization, resonance, dryness and wetness, and immunity. 
“The temperature of jjimjilbang (Korean dry sauna) is around 135 to 140 degrees Celsius but we feel stuffy inside. Graphene removes this stuffiness as it keeps air pleasant” says Choi. 

Tips from Choi
1) Search as much as you can to find a right spot, right budget and right service provider.
2) Do not spend more than you can chew.
3) Not for speculation but for living.

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