Listing sambo in sport for all, 2020 Asian Games Hangzhou, and 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

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▲ Korea Sambo Federation / Chairman Moon Sung-chun

Martial arts are combat practice for self defense or law and enforcement applications commonly practiced in Russia. In Korea, taekwondo, judo, kendo and jujutsu are commonly practiced as hobby or self-defense. In Russia, sambo is widely known as a martial art and also a sport that does not use any weapons but only hands. Sambo was a part of training of Spetsnaz used in numerous post-Soviet states and it is received as one of the best martial arts in the world for combination of essence of many martial arts. 

Since opening in 2003, Korea Sambo Federation has endeavored to promote the marital art which is relatively less known due to the dominant taekwondo and other popular martial arts. Sambo is widely known in CIS nations: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The popularity of sambo is undeniable as Putin is serving the honorary chairman of Federation Internationale de Sambo.

Korea Sambo Federation

Moon Sung-chun, current and 5th chairman of Korea Sambo Federation, sponsored the federation for 10 years and was offered a position in the 43rd World Sambo Championship committee alongside lawmaker Song Young-gil, CJ chairman Sohn Kyung-shik and LS Group chairman Christopher Koo. The 43rd World Sambo Championship held at Cheongju University gymnasium is the first Asian opening and it successfully drew 1,000 participants from 82 countries. Received as the best event in history of Sambo, the 43rd World Sambo Championship was broadcast in 70 countries by Eurosport and recorded the highest real time viewership rate in Europe. The logo made of hanbok – traditional Korean dress – currently is being displayed at Sambo Museum Russia on order of Federation Internationale de Sambo. Seeing its growing recognition in South Korea, Yong In University started to run Sambo major first and other universities are considering a follow at the moment. Taking the momentum, officials of sambo organizations in the world are pushing forward listing the martial art in the 2020 Asian Games Hangzhou and 2024 Paris Summer Olympics. 

In South Korea, it is estimated that around 100 sambo gyms are operating nationwide. As soon as taking the steering wheel, chairman Moon gathered data of branches, number of membership and contact information to manage the federation more systematically. This year, he targets to obtain a membership of Korea Sport & Olympic Committee in order to promote sambo as a sport for all. 

“Listing sambo one of sport for all is the biggest plan I have this year. Korea Sambo Federation is engaged in around 20 to 30 international events a year and it is necessary for us to dispatch sambo players if we are to keep the international membership” said Moon.

In accordance with the South Korea’s COVID-19 quarantine procedures, Korea Sambo Federation held the 13th Sambo Championship last August by dividing the normal 1 day event into 5 days without audience. All quarantine guidelines were strictly followed and kept at all times through the event.

“Korea Sambo Federation is passionate to play an important role in promoting sambo to shoulder to shoulder popularity of UFC and we are determined to make it happen” said Moon.

Korea Sambo Federation donated 10,000 KF-94 facial masks to sambo players in Russia in an effort to reaffirm the strong bond and friendship between the two countries in the field.

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