Starway Hadong where wind and cloud take a break

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▲ Starway Hadong / CEO Im Su-chang

Hadong is famous for Seomjin River, Hwagae Market and beautifully meandering roads and paths. Jiri Mountain as background, the county observes the southern sea. It was listed as 111th slow city in the world in 2009 and millions of visitors make way to the county every year. If you plan or happen to go there, visit Starway Hadong famous for once-in-a-life-time birds eye view. Before the virus, about a thousand people visited daily.

Take a good view point. To the east side is the vast field of Pyeongsa-ri, the main stage of the novel Toji (Land) by Park Kyong-ni. To the south-west is the mountain ridges started from Baekun Mountain near Seoul to Nogodan of Jiri Mountain: in front of these peaks rising one above another is the meandering Seomjin River. 

"Having a cup of coffee or tea at Starway makes you feel like you are floating on a cloud and bird-eye watching the mountains, fields and the river beneath. Come and have this once-in-a-life-time experience" says the owner of the cafe Im Su-chang.

The triangle of the building helps you out for directions and view points. The glassed sky walk lets you see the landscape below. You just need to follow the lines or move around where you wish to. Whichever it is, you will be at one of the edges of the star of the building. And whichever you see it, you will be awed by breathtaking sceneries. 

Starway is consisted of cafe, sky walk, accommodation, exhibition hall and convention hall. A geomancist visited Starway one day and analyzed that the building is in perfect location where mountains stand up as backdrop and the field in front is open and vast, and the river runs through further down the field. 

At the exhibition hall, you can appreciate some of the works of famous artists if you are lucky. The convention hall can accommodate up to 680 people. A pool villa and a camp ground are scheduled to open spring next year.

It is highly recommended to have a cup of Italian coffee and gelato or a green tea, the local special-tea. Starway won the gold prize at the South Gyeongsang Province Architecture Awards 2019. 

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