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Yi Je-ma (1838~1900) is the founder of Sasang Constitutional Medicine. This medical theory categorizes man into four different constitutions: the taeyang, the taeeum, the soyang and the soeum. Different constitution has different reactions of organs to certain foods and calls accordingly each different disease. So the theory advises us to eat food according to our constitution. 

100 years ago, the founder Yi predicted that Sasang Constitutional Medicine will see the light after 100 years and prosper for 200 years. So, now is the time to see the light like you might watched a 2002 TV series Man of the Sun, Lee Je-ma. 

Threenfourbio is a South Korean company specialized in Sasang Constitutional Medicine. For the last 20 years, the company has focused on research and development of products relating to Sasang with diet food in the center.

Threenfourbio introduced Sasang-based diet food because each person has each different constitution. According to Sasang theory, it would be a poison if a food does not go with one's constitution and the cause of obesity comes from collapse of balance between food and constitution. 

Threenfourbio diagnoses one's constitution through a number of tests and brings up customized diet food and program. Threenfourbio recommends 'solaris' to the taeeum person and the soeum person while 'oasis' to the soyang person and the taeyang person.

Solaris warms up the body, helps blood circulation, releases extra water, removes edema and eases skin trouble. It is made of 42 kinds of medicinal ingredients including bulbs and tubers, herbs and mushrooms. 

Oasis, on the other hand, cools down the body, improves heat-related diseases and ease dried skin. It is also made of 42 kinds of medicinal ingredients including grains, seaweeds and germination. Both solaris and oasis do not cause side effects such as yo-yo effect. 

It is notable that Threenfourbio's other product 'fresh for super power' helps cell metabolism and strengthens immunity. It is made of 60 kinds of natural ingredients. Also, Threenfourbio has product lines for gum and teeth. 

Threenfourbio joined hands with Kangwon National University bio-industry professor Oh Duk-hwan to carry out research on immunity strength of Sasang Constitutional Medicine and proved its effect and released a paper 'Research on Immune Activities of Raw Materials for Food According to Sasang Constitutional Medicine'. The paper received from the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition as the best paper.

Threenfourbio has published numerous other well-received papers and obtained four patents relating to Sasang food technologies and numerous other patents including one for constitutional immunity strength. In recognition of its contribution to the field, the company received a ministerial prize for the Minister of Knowledge Economy in 2011. 

All products of Threenfourbio can be bought after constitutional diagnosis at the head office in Wonju City, Gangwon Province. Additional purchase, however, can be made at Threenfourbio stores nationwide and online. 

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