Art as expressions of inner world: through harmony between Korean and western touch and feel

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▲ Korean ink painting artist Yoon Ho-chul

Artist Yoon Ho-chul is the chairman of the board of the Asian Art Research Society, and of the Busan National University International Trade Law Research, in addition to his career as a Korean ink painting artist. He holds first grade certificate of civil engineering and design engineering and is the chairman of Woolim Plant specialized in the plants needed for nuclear energy, firepower and gas power. 

Literary and ink paintings

Korean ink painting has two streams in broad terms: literary painting and ink painting. The former was used to be enjoyed by royals and nobles alongside professional painters and the latter mostly by Buddhist monks. Both are characterized as to express painter's inner world rather than showing off of shapes of objects. The difference however is that the former has confucian sentiment while the latter Buddhism. 

Yoon Ho-chul

Yoon was born in Noseong-myeon, South Chungcheong Province. He grew up with a great interest in art and praised by villagers for his talent. Confronted by his parent's unwavering opposition against being an artist, he had but to turn his course to trade major at Kyungsung University. 

The dormant passion was roused by Lee Du-sik, former dean of Hongik University College of Art, who recognized his talent and encouraged him not to waste the talent. Under the instruction of one of the master literary painting artists Joongnong, he resumed the dormant passion and trained his natural gift for a year. He soon won a special prize at a national art competition and made a buzzing-around debut among the artistic circles. 

Overseas recognition

Yoon's works have been well received overseas for uniqueness of combination between Korean and western touch and feel. Many a times he has been invited to exhibitions held in Italy, Turkey, Greece, Azerbaijan, Hawaii, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Japan and China. He received a ministerial prize from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 30 of his works at an exhibition held by the NHK were sold out. Surprised on this, the NHK asked him to draw a few works more impromptu at the gallery and they were also instantly sold out. 

"Being invited by President of Turkey and King of Azerbaijan was an unforgettable memory and it was a great honor for me to donate one of my works to Queen of Azerbaijan who was enchanted by Korean painting and showed a great respect" looks back Yoon.

Art as expressions of inner world

According to Yoon, it is important for him to draw works from real images of objects as copying photos of objects lacks expressions of one's inner world. For the same reason, it is important for him to think things over and over again to deliver the very best of his inner world onto canvas. This way, he says, he can better communicate with appreciators. 

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