Sea-venly, rib-venly harmony creates heavenly taste in South Korean spicy jjim : presented by Wezzim

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▲ Wezzim / CEO Kim Min-ho

It has been quite a while K-Wave is creating buzz here and there on earth. The advent of COVID-19 also put South Korea leader of the quarantine. Number of tourists visiting South Korea increased from steadily to sharply up until the virus hit the planet earth, and many of them were wondered by the high tech, enchanted by the different culture, and above all wowed by the food. What makes them wow  especially is unique 'Korean seafood' as people eat raw, seared, cooked or mixed with stingy spicy end. 

Talking of Korean seafood, we cannot miss jjim (spicy steamed seafood with bean sprouts). Talking of jjim, we cannot miss Wezzim. Famous for ultimate harmony between clam and short rib, it is creating such a buzz among seafood lovers at the moment.

Drive to Geumcheon-dong, Cheongju City to taste the much talked about menu. You might expect to wait in line for how long, we do not know, but you will see it was worth the wait. Many people wondered what makes this restaurant so popular. Some say the secret ingredient and some predict the method. But the secret was CEO Kim Min-ho's diligence and attention to detail.

Since opening the restaurant, he has paid himself a visit to the local seafood market everyday to pick the freshest marine products available on the day. He then drops by 6 branch restaurants in the city to drop the ingredients before closing his hard working day. Changing the fresh sea water in the fish tanks also is his job. A hint of a smell from clam goes straight to the bin without a second's hesitation. 

A visitor appreciates the sea-venly taste of Wezzim with an instant poem at his seat.

Having a plumpy clam gently in mouth 
And closing my eyes
I feel I'm like in the sea.
With clam fresh and flesh 
The broth is but wonder 

But the sea-venly surprise does not end as the tenderest short ribs add exotic mix to the sea-vibe. What is more, a variety of vegetables turns the color of the cuisine to green-green-red-hot, not to mention Kim's hand-made special source that only goes with the Wezzim. 

You might certainly become hesitant which to try first: the sea-venly or the rib-venly? Whichever you choose, you are highly recommended to try rice cake clam zzim, sofly-sofly rib zzim and the luxury king crab clam-rib zzim. Note you had better book a seat for the freshest possible. 

Relax while you are in waiting list as text message vibrates your smart phone for your turn. So just hang around nearby. 

You are welcome to join the business but you must be 100% sure of running the restaurant yourself with strict follow-up of the policy including the recipe and health and hygiene and above all excellent customer services.

Wezzim has been channeled major TV shows.

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