My Griffin plans, analyzes and assists your life for better and easier

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▲ Art Chaosmos / CEO Gwak Mi-ra

'Artificial intelligence' probably is the hottest keyword circulating widely on the media nowadays. With smart phone being a must-have today, unless one is ok with inconvenience, AI secretaries Bixby of Galaxy, Siri of iPhone and Google Assistant of Google, are making our lives easier than ever. 

My Griffin of Art Chaosmos

My Griffin is an artificial intelligent secretary engineered by Art Chaosmos. CEO of this master-minded one woman business Gwak Mi-ra started with a logic on how advanced technologies and human ability can create a completely different world we have never imagined before.

"I focused on the idea that it is not about the man who adopts to the ever advancing technologies but it is about the technologies that must permeate into our lives. My Griffin is the very result of this upside-down idea" says Gwak.

Griffin is a mythical creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and sometimes an eagle's talons as its front feet: it has enormous power and is royal to man.

And Art Chaosmos' Griffin is personified in three avatars: griffin accounted above, Atman, the beloved poodle of Arthur Schopenhauer, and Moai, the monolithic human figures on Easter Island. With assistance of these avatars, communications on texts or video images are made and delivered.

What sets My Griffin apart from the existing AI secretaries is that it builds memories with the man, responds accordingly, and changes the character; through this, the man feels as if it is existing here in the world for its owner.

"Griffin does not belong to a certain platform but follows standardized format and protocol, and maintains sovereignty of the user. This is my development direction."

Planning, analysis and assisting

The three core functions of My Griffin entail planning of goals, analysis of habit and assisting of health of its owner. In its virtual space, Griffin rings a bell how and when a certain event happened or what kind of information its owner is missing now. For example, Griffin points out bad habits to health and suggests alternatives. 

"The mobile app collects data from both direct and indirect information of the user as well as potential factors that might affect the owner. Collecting the data done, then Griffin runs its analytic engine to provide helpful and beneficial information and suggestions."

Gwak also emphasizes "Many AI assistants seem to be born to make our lives easier but they often make us tired instead. So I've been always diligent how I improve this and in what way. And I think My Griffin has made a certain share of contributions to this and I will keep advancing it as a lifetime companion of its owner."

CEO Gwak Mi-ra

Grew up with a determination to create an artificial intelligent existence, Gwak majored in computer engineering, obtained a master of engineering and finished a doctoral course at Ewha Womans University.

"Many ideas and visions are hanging around in my head and I have this grand plan to form a great team of master-minded to create something we can wow the world with 'metaverse' and 'identity space'." 

*Metaverse: a collective virtual shared space.

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