Jang Se-ju leads localization of park golf goods

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▲ Korea Park Golf / CEO Jang Se-ju

Back in the days, people worried about how long they live. Today, they are more concerned with how to live healthy since advanced medical technology has extended life expectancy. 

More and more people month by month are joining a variety of in and outdoor activities from fitness and pilates to cycling, kick boarding, climbing and golf. 

Answering the ever booming demand of the market, Korea Park Golf CEO Jang Se-ju introduced excellent park golf goods to the Korean people of all ages where they can play the game on a park or platten space. 

The winner should run the 18th hole first with a 6cm ball in diameter. The equipment and the rule are simple and everybody can play the game which takes around 50 minutes. Seeing its simplicity and all age round play, local governments are creating the play ground in speed to meet the demand.

Park gold first started Japan in 1984 and is widely played in the world with South Korea saw its first game 8 years ago and is seeing around 300 play grounds nationwide, adding about 50 new grounds every year. 

Because it was first started in Japan, the equipment are most imported from Japan. CEO Jang rolled up sleeves on this and is introducing quality made in Korea equipment at competitive price. 


Korea Park Golf's 'Phoenix' club is received excellent for perfect balance and weight and CEO Jang has obtained 2 patents for the head in addition to 1 patent for the ball, making his company unique in the field.

The Phoenix club is melted with Jang's 12 years of knowledge and knowhow in the field and it is offered in three lines: K-01, K-02 and k-03. All making processes and technologies are Jang's own and 100% of them are produced in a factory located in Daegu Metropolitan City.

Those who used Phoenix praise with "the feel of high elastic carbon fiber shaft and wood", "2 times thicker 5mm head sole", "smoother swing" and "excellent and stable hitting feel".

Thanks to its excellent quality but 40 to 50% cheaper than the Japanese, Phoenix is not only being highly demanded domestically but export to the US and Canada is soon to be made. All Korea Park Golf goods come with excellent warranty with services done within 3 to 4 days on calling. 


The excellence of Korea Park Golf is not shined on Phoenix alone but also on the glowball introduced for night play. The glowball received explosive response as soon as it was released especially from senior citizens with bad eye sight as they can easily find the ball in a bush or where grass are grown thick.

It is notable that all Korea Park Golf goods are produced domestically. Recognizing CEO Lee's love of his country even though he could produce them in China cost-wisely, the Korea Park Golf Association is sending messages of encouragement in a row. 


You can buy excellent Korea Park Golf goods in 56 stores nationwide and CEO Jang is pushing forward the increase of numbers with such a zeal so that more people can benefit the enjoyment of playing.  

It is incredible that Jang has turned the 7:3 park golf goods market share with Japan's favor into 5:5 as of the year 2019 and he is targeting to make it upside down to 3:7 in the coming years. 

"Some people still think made in Korea park golf goods perform less than those of Japan. I encourage them to just try once, compare it with the Japanese, then they will certainly see no difference or even better but the price. And I'm proud of myself on this."

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