South Korean functional underpants Lashevan captivates hearts of Real Madrid C.F. and FC Barcelona

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▲ Lashevan Korea / CEO Baek Gyeong-su

Some say that history of underpants started when Adam and Eve weaved leaves to hide their sensitive parts after eating the forbidden fruit. 

Luxury man's underpants brand Lashevan CEO Baek Gyeong-su said "Underpants are the most important clothes we wear as they touch directly the sensitive parts. The idea of Lashevan's functional man's underpants started from this."

It was 1980 that synthetic fiber underpants started to appear on the market. The materials have become variety and so have the colors and designs. synthetic fiber however were soon found out that it is not so healthy to our skin. 

"There are about 200 patents relating to man's underpants in South Korea. Yet there are a few when it comes to functionality. In other words, many men are complaining about the feel of the touch as uncomfortable."

Baek used to work at a securities company and put money on functional underpants company. Seeing the company tipping aside, he made himself joined the board but in vain as he knew nothing about the field. Gathering his unyielding spirit, he launched his own business and made remarkable 240 times of sales within 8 years. They are not only sold homeland now but overseas including Japan and China.

"Like woman's bra is made of two cups, man's sensitive part also has two cups in addition to the stick. In other words, men are as uncomfortable as women in heat and humidity. The comfortableness of underpants are also important for those who work for a long time seated. As for men, a two hour of seating invites a rise of temperature by 2 degrees which affect reduction of sperm count."

Lashevan, therefore, is designed to set the temperature at 33.3°C, the ideal temperature to activate vigilance of men's sexual function.

"Body temperature is 36.5°C and 2°C more can be vital. So Lashevan  is designed to keep the temperature at 33.3°C for the balls with the mesh material, European eco-friendly marked tencil, and natural phytoncide antibacterial make the parts cool and fresh. These antibacterial functions works even after more than 30 times of washing. Also Lashevan is made of 13 pieces of patched patterns and curves to maximize the attachness to the skin." 

The result of this innovation was massive: Lashevan reached record high 15.3 billion won (12.7 Million USD) sales last year and is targeting to draw 18 billion won this year and 35 billion won the following year.

CEO Baek has obtained the world's first 3D patent and 4 patents and 2 utility models in South Korea while completed registering patents in 16 countries worldwide including the EU. 

"The world's first 3 dimensional design hold the underpants firmly without tipping aside or pinched up."

Thanks to these excellent functions of Lashevan, CEO Baek has received a minister's prize from the Ministry of the SMEs and Startups, marked No.1 selling and repurchase rate at CJ O Shopping for 5 years in a row, drawn a supply contract with the Defense Ministry, signed a license with the world famous football clubs Real Madrid C.F. and FC Barcelona. 

Also Lashevan Singapore has recently started operation while CEO Baek made for Amazon and an home shopping in Indonesia. 

"La means the best and shevan means birthday table in Korean. So I named Lashevan to mean 'King's birthday table'. In other words, the Lashevan underpants will serve all men who wear like kings."

With the virus spreading far and wide, Lashevan has turned its course of business online from offline as long as it lasts. Alongside, CEO Baek has recently released washable mask to meet the surging demand for better and cooler materials and functionalities. 


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