Moon pays respect to people died for nation

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On the occasion of Memorial Day on June 6, President Moon journeyed down to the Daejeon National Cemetery to pay respect to people who died for the nation. He made entrance with offsprings of patriots of all areas from independence activists and war veterans to democratic activists and those who died in fighting against COVID-19. 

Nurse officer Lee Hye-min and lieutenant senior Kim Do-gyun read the pledge of allegiance. The letter and photo of lieutenant commander Im Chun-su, who died in a battle at Yanggu County in July 1951, was rolled on screen and his daughter Im Wook-ja read reply letter as following: 

"Others call my father a hero but he was just an ordinary father who loved his daughter dearly and I read back my reply letter here today after 70 years."

Moon said "The freedom and prosperity we are enjoying today is the very result of those who died for the nation. I'm glad that we changed the signboard of the cemetery with the An Jung-geun font who died for the nation 110 years ago. Nothing can buy our nation for I, my family, we and my neighbor have fought hard against any invasions. And the nation must pay back the blood they shed for the nation. For the last 3 years, the government has done its best to find and to pay due reward to those who made contributions to the freedom and prosperity of the nation. It is also encouraging that the recently passed the Accident Compensation Ordinance for Soldiers will increase the amount of compensation more than doubles the general."

Violist Richard Yongjae O'Neill played Antonin Dvorak's Going Home and soprano Im Sunhae and singer Ali sang together The Day. 


Moon marks 70th anniversary of Korean War

President Moon attended the event to mark the 70th anniversary of the Korean War held at Seoul Air Base. The event was coincided with the return of the remains of the 147 Korean Armed Forces in 70 years. 7 of them are identified who died at the Battle of Chosin Researvoir. 

Reservist sergeant first class Ryu Young-bong reported the return of the soldiers on behalf followed by 21 gun salute. The 147 were received as the highest respect from the president of the nation. 

22 video messages were sent to them from leaders of 22 nations including the US, UK, Australia and the Netherlands who fought alongside the South. The ambassadors of the 22 nations participated in the event on behalf of their leaders on the day.

Moon said "I'm proud and I'm sad to receive the 147 national heros today. I would like to say that South Korea has never forgotten you even after 70 years. The people of South Korea and the government will remember you forever. And we will keep searching the remains of around 123,000 soldiers killed during the war. Also, we will send remains of 6 US soldiers we identified to their homeland. On behalf of the people in South Korea, I would like to express gratitude to soldiers from the 22 UN member countries who participated or died alongside soldiers of South Korea. South Korea will never allow any threats or never again accept any violation of our territory on land, sea and air. We do not want war but peace and peace between the South and the North will create a ripple of peace in the world and that is what we offsprings must do in honor of our ancestors who died for the nation."

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