Artist Park Su-bok sells 2 of his works on eBay

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▲ Artist Park Su-bok

Obtained a doctoral degree in art management at Czech Brno Janacek Art College, artist Park Su-bok has held more than 130 exhibitions home and abroad. 

He received a citation from the Interior and Safety Minister and won the a prize at the Grand Exhibition of Korea in the western painting, the grand prize at the Korea Education Dedication Awards in the art and culture, and the Asia Star Marketing Performance Art Award. He also listed name in the 2018 People of Asia. 

Park is famous for unique compositions, blankness, filling-up, pilling-up and scratching with elements of both western and oriental paintings. Philosophy-wise, he melts onto the canvas his realizations on life, society, inner vitality, providence and celestial inspiration. Restraint and refinement are the two characteristic driving forces of his brushwork. 

He is the one who first introduced 'per-hamming action performance' to the art world 10 years ago. It is a performance of him drawing pictures while an orchestra of hundreds of players play the instruments. His performance attracted a great attention home and aborad and it is the very reason he is still being called for media appearance. 

It is notable that 2 of his works are on eBay priced at 870 million won ($approx. $719,000) at the moment. Prior, his work <Myth 2020-50> was sold through international bid on eBay last year and he made a strong presence in the art world. He is the second South Korean artist who sold a work on eBay after the deceased artist Bae Dong-shin in 2017. 
Park was the last son of 12 siblings and beloved child of the mother. It was nobody but her who gave full support to Park when he decided to become an artist despite his father's absolute no. She passed away when Park was second grade of high school but her love and devotion left deep impression in his heart. One of his representative works <Gaia> is but the embodiment of his mother.

Currently, he is working as a judge for the Korea Advertising Society, the Venice Modern Biennale and the Korea International Art Competition. Also, he is an adjunct professor at Czech Brno Conservatory, a panel artist of the TJB Hwachupkihaeng, and the curator of the Haein Art Gallery.

This year, he was invited as the head professor of art and humanities noblesse course at Hanseo University Lifelong Learning Center. Actor Jung Hye-sun, actor Ahn Suk-hwan, producer Shin Ok-cheol, former Seosan City mayor Jo Gyu-sun and comedian Jeon Yu-seong are also professors at the center. The art and humanities noblesse course lasts from April 2020 to July 23 the same year.

When asked about future plan, Park said that he wished to establish 'art savor Asia' to support young artists and nameless artists.


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