Long Time Liner leads semi-permanent make-up in South Korea and Asia

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▲ Long Time Liner Asia / CEO Kim Jeong-yeon

Make-up is a skill that covers negatives of the face while points out positives. Make-up used to be an exclusive property of women back in the days. Today, we often see men with make-up also. This might partly scribe to hassle-free make-up methods and partly to common semi-permanent surgical procedures. 

Headquartered in Germany, Long Time Liner boasts 35 years of expertise in manufacturing contour semi-permanent make-up devices. Long Time Liner Asia is located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam District, Seoul, and is specialized in fostering semi-permanent make-up artists in South Korea and Asia.

Walking a single path for 25 years

Kim Jeong-yeon, CEO of Long Time Liner Asia, is one of the top trainer linergists and is in charge of training of Long Time Liner in the Asian region. Having 25 years of expertise in the field, people often refer to her as “the best” and “the first” in the field.

“You can sleep 15 more minutes if you don’t need to draw an eyebrow in the morning and this is the charm of contour semi-permanent make-up. Everybody wants to look good especially women. And everybody has different shapes and figures so it is important to find right ones for your face” explains Kim.

Beauty contour and medical contour

Long Time Liner Asia runs two professional courses: Beauty contour make-up and medical contour make-up. Medical contour make-up is designed for medical doctors to focus on hairline, leukoplakia, cleft lip and palate, and scars on areola and nipples while make-up artists focus on eyebrows and eye/lip/hair lines. 

Kim took part in the paper on ‘Inserting Fine Pigment into End-site Leukoplakia by Using Long Time Liner Machine’ which was published on the January 2020 issue of the journal of the Korean Dermatological Association. 

“In Europe, health insurance covers Long Time Liner for recovering the scar of cleft lip and palate of leukoplakia patients. So it is my goal that the same applies in Asia” says Kim.

“It is important to pay attention when using devices and dealing the pigment. Side effects often occur by wrong handling of these devices and pigments. Long Time Liner in Germany and Long Time Liner in South Korea should be used differently because white people and yellow people have different skin colors. So the right adjustment of pigments and ph balance is very important.” 

Setting up global standard

Long Time Liner won the best prize at the Future Job Contest while CEO Kim listed her name in the Korea Education, Culture and Sports Contribution Awards. 

“Long Time Liner semi-permanent make-up is fast spreading in China. Taking the momentum, I and my Vietnamese partner CEO Kim Jeong-min will soon launch training and practice projects and facilities. I have obtained all necessary licenses for using machine pigment in South Korea alongside verifications by medical teams. So we are ambitious to grow our innovative Long Time Liner methods to the world.”

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