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▲ QH Investment / CEOs Min Ji-hong and Go Jong-yeon

Individual investors (aka ‘ants’ in South Korea) surprised the domestic securities market by record high buying of 1.7 trillion won ($1.3 billion) a day on May 4. The media calls this phenomenon ‘Donghak Ants Movement’ by borrowing the Donghak Peasant Movement of 1894 as their record high buying played defense of domestic securities from falling by massive selling of foreign investors and companies. On the flip side, experts are rather concerned about swelling credit balance of ants. This is the point where ants need professional advice.  

Putting money without question can be a gamble

“Putting money without question can be a gamble” says Go Jong-yeon, CEO of QH Investment. “Investment needs professional advice and transparency of the service provider. The real time information as well as trend and prospect are constantly updated and opened. The data on trade also must be given 100%. This way, ants can reduce losing their hard earned money.”

QH Investment was established in May 2018 and is registered to the Financial Supervisory Service, and the Seoul Guarantee Insurance Company. QH Investment has made a strong presence in the field by a rapid growth with reliable services. 

The timing

Clients of QH Investment are updated with analysis and information in real time through homepage, online club and group chat room. The experts let them know what to buy and when to buy and when to sell in utmost care to minimize the loss if that must have been unavoidable. Proof of earnings is open to members and analysis on trade, earning and loss is provided through Google spreadsheet to each client. 

When the media delivered the news of Kim Jong-un gravely ill, experts at QH Investment sent a message to all members to calm down and rather encouraged buying. And the result was that members have seen an increase in profits as Kim showed up himself normal. 

“Minimizing the loss is most important. To minimize the loss, we need to screen the financial standing of the company thoroughly alongside analysis of flow of the chart and the volume of trade. Buying then should be made at this point” says Min Ji-hong, CEO of QH Investment.

Proven earnings rate

After launching VIP services in 2019, QH Investment recorded 386% accumulative earnings rate. Average members earned 94% with the top earner 279%. The company also made 115% earnings from 13 companies on May 7 in which the market closed in panic due to the prolonged COVID-19. 

Growing together

Unlike similar service providers, QH Investment encourages members to share information in open environment. This is because the company pursues ‘growing together’ rather than growing a few. As part of this effort, QH Investment regularly holds workshops and seminars alongside earnings report for VIP members. 

“QH Investment probably is the sole company in the field providing community-like services. We encourage members to visit our office and engage in various activities” says Go.

“Without our clients, there will be no QH Investment. QH Investment is the clients and the clients are QH Investment.”


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