Putting out forest fire with cutting edge technology

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▲ Daeshin I’ve / Lee Gil-do

The planet earth is getting hotter. One side is suffering from flood and other side from drought. Dry weather ignites massive scale forest fire as shown in Australia and California US. World leaders seem to be working hard to use alternative energy to fossil fuel but results are not substantial.  

Cutting edge technology of Daeshin I’ve

Lee Gil-do, CEO of Daeshin I’ve, majored in engine engineering at Korea Maritime & Ocean University. After graduation, he engaged in research and development of marine propulsion and disaster prevention engineering and obtained a number of patents and trademarks.

In 2016, he established Daeshin I’ve and obtained patents for firefighting choppers, airplanes and drones. In 2018, he established I’ve Air Craft and obtained patents for firefighting starch hydrant balls and bullet starch extinguishers. 

In 2019, he established I’ve Sky and obtained patents for skyscraper cleaning, coloring and air quality improvement drones. In 2020, Daeshin I’ve was listed as a permanent member of Venture Enterprise and is running an affiliated research institute. 

Specialists at Daeshin I’ve are passionate about disaster prevention and handling and CEO Lee goals to grow the company as a global leader in the field. 

“If the existing firefighting chopper pilots dropped water with instincts, our cutting edge technology lets them to drop it or shoot it at the right spot through precise monitoring and measures” explains Lee. 

Lee predicts that he could commercialize new tech-loaded firefighting choppers within 3 years if things go as planned. In other words, firefighters can quell forest fire in early stages. 

A specialist group is needed

Lee points out the need for a specialist group whose members are equipped with knowledge and experience in the field. He says that politicians are rather interested in economy so environmental issues such as global warming and air pollution are often left behind over profits. 

“So the specialist group must be independent and free from political influence. But the members should ideally embrace industry specialists as well as politicians and entrepreneurs who are aware of its seriousness.”

A government support is urgent

Lee also points out the need for government support for these new firefighting technologies. He says that government should expand the scope of support to small and medium enterprises alongside big companies and their affiliates. 

“Disaster prevention and fighting equipment do not create profits like semi conductors. But that doesn’t mean we can leave it behind as we are likely to be surpassed by global frontiers in the field.”

Lee examples the recent massive forest fire in Australia that started September 2019 and quelled February 2020. 

“It was not about a massive forest fire in Australia alone as it affected the whole world including South Korea. The recent warm winter in South Korea proves this as well as fast melting ice on both poles. In long term perspectives, investing in disaster prevention and fighting technology will not only benefit South Korea but the whole world.”

Like Australia, Gangwon Province in South Korea is where forest fire occurs often and lasts longer. In this respect, government should better listen attentively to Lee and share reasonable amount of support budget to the industry.


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