30 years of expertise in processed dairy products melted in a sachet of 'Bioticktock'

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▲ Samik Dairy & Food / CEO Lee Bom-i

Probiotics is known to suppress proliferation of pathogen while increase lactobacillus in the bowels. Bowels are closely related to boosting immune system in our body and probiotics activates bowel movement to smooth evacuation. Probiotics also helps release waste and prevent diseases related to blood vessels.

Samik Dairy & Food is a South Korean milk processing specialist whose knowledge and knowhow in the field has been accumulated to excellence for the last 30 years. 

People often ask Lee Bom-i, CEO of Samik Dairy & Food, "What do I need to eat?" and "What lactobacillus product do I need to take?" Then she answers, "Eat locally grown food and seasonal food with your family and loved ones." 

Lee majored in food and nutrition and finished a doctor's course in food engineering at Korea University. She took over her father's business with a sense of duty and responsibility to pass down the tradition of Korean milk processing technology. 

She recently launched new probiotics product lines and is enjoying record high sales figures at the moment. A CEO mom of two children, she overcomes her busy home and work schedules by using most of her gifted communication skills. 

Papers are pouring in with benefits of probiotics for immunity, high blood pressure, atopy, Alzerheimer's and depression. Samik Dairy & Food's Bioticktock, in this regard, has attracted a great attention with its catchline "A habit of regular taking at the right time makes your bowels healthy and strong'. 

"A research tells us that lactobacillus lives better when gastric fluid gets neutralized after a meal. This means that 9am and 9pm can be the golden times to take probiotics."

Samik Dairy & Food supplies 60 kinds of its excellent lactobacillus products to more than 250 food companies in South Korea including Korea Yakult and Seoul Milk. 

Apart from the CEO's role, Lee is serving as the deputy president of the Korea Lactobacillus Probiotics Society. Also, she is the assistant administrator of the Korea Society of Gut Microbiome and of the Korean Society for Food Science of Animal Resources. 

Following his father's generous heart, Lee sponsors the Korean Elementary Tennis Federation and donates 1,000 won ($0.82) to people in need whenever a Bioticktock is sold.

When asked about future plan, Lee said "I have two plans. One is to extend spray-dryer facilities and another is to relocate the laboratory to Iksan City that will create jobs in the city."

Lee remember's a talk with his father who inspired her with stories of long-lived companies in Germany, Japan and Taiwan. The talk has well indented in her mind and she recalls it whenever she is in time of difficulty and of encouragement. 

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