Quegen Biotech leads K-Bio with cutting edge beta-glucan and hydrogel techniques

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▲ Quegen Biotech / CEO Lee Jong-dae

South Korea has seen a rapid growth of bio industry recently. With the government’s unsparing support and investment, the nation’s bio-medical production capability ranked No.2 in the world. In addition, the novel coronavirus has turned South Korea as the best quarantine example in the world. Highly encouraged, the government is eyeing the bio industry as one of the core national industries after semiconductor and is set to give multifaceted support. 

Excellence of B-Glucan

B-Glucan has excellent immune-boosting properties. It is found in cell wall of yeast, mushroom and grains. As a biologically active substance, its anti-cancer effect has been proved in the US and Japan. It is proved to be good in moisturizing, collagen regeneration, ease of skin and hangover cure. 

Quegen Biotech

Quegen Biotech is a South Korean company specialized in technologies that can mass produce highly purified beta-glucan products without using alcohol and acetone. 

Established in 2006, the company has supplied beta-glucan to LG Household & Health Care, and Amorepacific Corporation. Meanwhile, HUECO, an affiliate of Quegen Biotech, recently has released a number of high functional cosmetics. 

Atoquegen Moisture Lotion, one of the three hot sellers of HUECO, contains rich beta-glucan and ceramide while Atoquegen Cleansing Powder gives strengthened moisture and Salon de Therapy Shampoo is loved by many hair designers. 

Menobeta, on the other hand, is attracting as much attention as the three hot sellers for tender application and fast absorption to the women’s sensitive Y zone. The effect of Menobeta has been proved at a test carried out by a team of Korea University Hospital.

“Beta-glucan in schizophyllum commune Fr. has excellent immune-boosting properties. Beta-nine of Quegen Biotech has this substance alongside beta-glucan from 8 kinds of mushrooms. The Beta-nine drink, for this reason, is received as an innovative health functional beverage among industry experts” says Lee Jong-dae, CEO of Quegen Biotech.

Beta-nine contains 36.17% beta-glucan, 50% mushroom extract and 16 kinds of amino acid and minerals. The drink has no color and no smell. 

Quegen Biotech also developed South Korea’s first schizophyllum commune Fr. called ‘glucan hill’. It has been approved as a temporary standard food ingredient on November 27, 2019 from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Patented hydrogel technique

Quegen Biotech has hydrogel technique that does not need a use of chemical cross-linking agents but beta-glucan. The company obtained a patent for this innovative technique in the US, Japan and China. A non-clinical animal test proved this core technique that did not provoke immune reaction to more than 5 months and it is extremely safe to use as it is biodegradable in the body. This beta-glucan hydrogel can be applied to many areas including plastic fillers and breast prosthesis. 

Continuous R&D

More than 30% of employees at Quegen Biotech are researchers. They are working in three Quegen Biotech laboratories in Sihwa Complex (main), Jeju National University and Seoul. 

CEO Lee majored in chemical engineering in Seoul National University, obtained a master’s degree in the same major at University of Detroit and a doctor’s degree at University of Colorado US. He then started working as a researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Back in South Korea, he worked as a senior researcher at the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology during which he also established the Binex KBCC. It was 2006 that he founded Quegen Biotech as a venture enterprise.

Currently, Quegen Biotech is exporting its innovative beta-glucan to India, Indonesia, China, Thailand and Hong kong while a deal is being made with a buyer in the US.

“Quegen Biotech will maximize application of beta-glucan and beta-glucan hydrogel with which we will grow the company as a global leader in the field” says Lee in determination.


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