How good are you at arranging your home?

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▲ Gonggan Jeongri / CEO Misun Ahn

Where and how you put things in your house can affect your mood, convenience of movement and sophisticated look. Interior design is one good way to do this but it costs you a sum of money and time. Thus booming is spatial arrangement service which recently has seen a sharp increase in market demand for cost and time effectiveness. 

What is spatial arrangement?

Spatial arrangement is arranging things in a room, house or office to create neat and better look as well as convenient movement of the dwellers, says Misun Ahn, CEO of Gonggan Jeongri (spatial arrangement in Korean). She explains that spatial arrangement services started in the early 80s in Europe with the widespread credit cards and superstores that encouraged consumers to buy things excessively. 

Their houses got packed with stuff and things were scattered here and there and house owners soon felt in need of help to arrange things in order. Japan adopted the services with more emphasis on effective use of space which was soon followed by South Korea. The Korea Association of Professional Organizers was established in 2013 and Ahn is one of the initiators in Busan.

Gonggan Jeongri

Ahn used to run a small English school 10 years ago. Teaching materials were getting piled up and her stress to deal with them increased day by day. She then came to know about the association by chance and without a moment’s hesitation she enrolled a course and got a certificate. Alongside offering spatial arrangement, Gonggan Jeongri is to list its name in the Preliminary Social Enterprises next year for proactive engagement in social activities for the last 8 years. Most clients of Gonggan Jeongri are couples in their 30s with children aged between 3 and 7 who need more books, toys and clothes. 

Pros and cons of online vs offline courses

Ahn says that an online instructor’s course is easy and convenient and suitable for self-arrangement. An offline course, on the other hand, is a must to work as a professional in the industry because the market demands it. So she highly advises you to take an offline course if you are taking it as your future job. 


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