Suffering from dry eye? Nurieye can help you ease the symptoms.

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▲ Seodong Medical / CEO Chang-on Kim

There is a saying among Koreans “If body is 100%, eyes are 90%” Digital gadgets are making our lives convenient. At the same time, they are making our eyes weak. The eye diseases normally found among old people are now found in young people due to frequent exposure of eyes to smart phones, tablets and PCs. It is alarming that we can see children fixing their eyes on smart phones without a moment’s rest from it so the disease are likely to be found also in their eyes. Who knows?

Most people visiting the eye doctor complaints either dry eye or cataract. There is no cure for dry eye at the moment except using artificial tears. In some severe cases, dry eye makes hard to open eyes and it can develop into cataract and keratoconjunctivitis. Good news, however, come from a South Korean eye disease treatment specialist Seodong Medical. 

Located in Busan, Seodong Medical has built its expertise and strong presence especially in the field of dry eye for the last 20 years. The company developed a dry eye treatment device ‘Nurieye’ and it attracted a great attention from industry specialists home and abroad. Chang-on Kim, CEO of Seodong Medical, focused on the need for muscle movement and blood circulation around the eyes as a cure. 

Nurieye is designed to suit this need. The vibrator, thermal massager and air pressor in Nurieye help eye release fatigue and blood circulation. The vibrator is applied to 8 blood acupuncture points around the eyes to ease fatigue while the thermal massager helps melt the fat that blocks circulation of tears. The air pressor then pushes the melted fat out alongside fine dust and foreign bodies in the eyes.

Eyeballs are covered by phlegmatic temperament. Phlegmatic temperament is a mix of water, salt and oil. The oil blocks circulation of tears and eyes get easily tired and it develops into dry eye and cataract. In the simplest way to explain about Nurieye, it makes flow of tears smooth and nice. Tired eyes affect badly the hearing of the ears. In this respect, keeping our eyes in good working conditions is crucial to keep our whole body in balance. 

Clinical tests
The safety and effectiveness of Nurieye are proved in accordance with the New Medical Technology Evaluation Committee’s operation regulation (the established rule article 61 of the Ministry of Health and Welfare: non-payable NHIS). The safety and effectiveness tests have been done for 144 people at 2 government recognized university hospitals. As a result, Nurieye is approved as medical equipment for dry eye treatment. 

Currently, Nurieye is being used in many general hospitals nationwide and the a related clinical paper on the test was appeared on the British Journal of Ophthalmology with positive response. It is non-payable NHIS for the moment but is expected to be included from 2022. *NHIS stands for the National Health Insurance Service. 

Easy buy and easy use at home
We can buy Nurieye at Lotte and Hyundai department stores, Nurieye shopping mall, home shopping channels and highway resting areas as well as Nurieye member stores in Seoul. The production process is strictly managed as 100 units are randomly picked up for the 24 hour for 15 day test. All successful products come with 1 year warranty. 

Seodong Medical obtained a GMP certificate from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and received Trade, Industry and Energy Ministerial prize in 2011. In 2015, the company listed the name in the World Class Product of Korea and in 2019 won the Money Today’s Customer Satisfaction Awards. 

Going global
Seodong Medical is confident with the fact that the company obtained first and second grade approvals from the US Food and Drug Administration while a FDA 510K also is being screened for approval within this year. The second degree is related to medical equipment and the FDA 510K is to safety and effectiveness of the device. Seodong Medical has already obtained certificates from Europe, Japan, Russia and Vietnam and is pushing forward JFD approval as a move to pioneer global market. 

“It is our goal to grow Seodong Medical as a global eye specialist over South Korea. We have a sense of responsibility and duty to make eyes of the all people on earth healthy, clean and clear” says Kim.

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