Introducing world’s first ‘flat rail window and door system

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▲ IDA / CEO Soonsuk Kim

Windows and doors of a building play the roles to cut and open the inside to outside and to keep hot or cold air in and out. In addition, they function as soundproof. Recently, however, they require one more function: blocking fine dust. When windows and doors satisfy all of these elements, they deserve to be called ‘system’. 

The world’s first ‘flat rail window and door system’
A South Korean windows and doors specialist IDA wowed the world by developing the world’s first ‘flat rail window and door system’. This unprecedented system can be used single or dual which keeps the frame stronger and more durable. 

As there is no rail groove, dusts have no time to pile up and makes cleaning a just sweep easy. In addition, the eco-friendly test proved it is dew-condensation free. When in damaged anyway for whatever the reason, you only need to change the necessary part but not the whole frame. So it is cost effective also.   

Thanks to this innovative technical capability, the IDA’s world’s first flat rail window and door system listed its name in Excellent SME Public Procurement and the products are being installed in government and public buildings, schools, newly built private buildings and houses. 

Soonsuk Kim
Soonsuk Kim, CEO of IDA, has 13 years of experience in the field. Starting the career in his teenage, he has built on-the-spot knowledge and knowhow with which he has developed his own methods. It is such a remarkable feat that he developed the world’s first flat rail window and door system considering the market that is being dominated by giant companies like LG, Hyundia, KCC and Hanhwa

“Most big companies import the skills from overseas and improve them to suit the housing structures in South Korea. This can help them dominate the market domestically but I think we need to develop our own methods if we are to target the global market” says Kim.

Going global
Kim has obtained patents, tech certificates, eco-friendly marks, high efficiency equipment marks, utility models and ISO 9001, a surprising 120 in total with 18 domestic patents and 80 industrial property rights. He says that he is not only proud of his development of the world’s first flat rail window and door system but also the unmatchable attention to detail warranty that comes with all products.

Recognizing his great achievement, the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology honored him with the Korean Engineering Award on September 2017. 

When asked about future plan, Kim said “I’m planning to build second factory on a 33,057 square meter land in Boryeong City, South Chungcheong Province. It will be used as the base for pioneering global market.”


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