Introducing innovative antimicrobial copper filters and masks that kill 99.9% disease causing objects

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▲ JK GOLD / CEO Donghyun Jae

First broke out in Wuhan China, novel coronavirus is putting the world in a shock and horror. Many confirmed cases show that spread mostly happens indoors. Subsequently, people’s interest in anti-bacterial filters is increasing. Antimicrobial copper filter among them is newly rising eye catcher. Antimicrobial copper contains more than 60% cooper alloy. It is known to kill 99% bacteria within 2 hours, remove odor and cuts radio wave. Antimicrobial copper with Cu+ mark is regarded as proved effect. 

JK GOLD is a South Korean company that develops eco-friendly health functional products by using Cu+Bio antimicrobial net. The company developed the world’s first antimicrobial copper sole for shoes in 2015. The development was soon followed by numerous spin-offs for pillow covers, deodorant and hot water pads. The filter in particular is designed to be easily attached to air purifier filter, automotive air conditioner and heater and cooler filter. The antimicrobial copper filter kills germs, bacteria and mold piled up within the filter and prevents secondary infection. In addition, it removes odor especially in automotive air conditioner. 

Antibacterial copper mask
Copper is known to create micro current similar to our body. People attached 10 won coin on computer monitor or TV screen in the past is in the same vein that is to cut electromagnetic waves. It is also the reason people use cooper for bed pad and pillow cover. Recently, JK GOLD released an antimicrobial copper mask that is reusable and kills 99.9% bacteria. CEO Donghyun Jae has sent samples to the US at the moment and is increasing facilities and manpower in preparation for mass export.

Life vest
Jae majored in metal engineering and obtained a master’s degree in the same field. He pointed out that all medical equipment in ancient Egypt was made of copper. He proved its effect by a number of tests that antimicrobial cooper filters showed better removal of disease causing objects and removal of odor compared to activated carbon filters when applied to a number of convalescent hospitals and intra city buses. 

Last year, Jae developed cold protection life vest for sailors and has applied for a patient. Jae said that average water temperature in offshore in winter in South Korea is around 16 degrees Celsius and many crewmen die of hypothermia when the temperature gets below 20. In other words, when a boat or ship capsized, many will die of hypothermia. He said that the cold protection life vest keeps the temperature between 32 and 34 even after 4 hours. 

Pioneering markets overseas
JK GOLD has applied for a number of patients and has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO14001. The company also has listed its name in HIT 500 of the Small & Medium Business Distribution Center. Jae has already signed a sole distribution contract with a Japanese company and is targeting China as the follow-up market. 

“I’ve finished a mass production facility after one and half years of research and development. If things go as I planned, I can see a release of products from April this year.”


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