Profitable walnut farm can be a profitable source of income in the future

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▲ Golden Farm / CEO Jiyoung Yoon

Increase of national income and life expectancy is increasing people’s interest in healthy food and life style. Whether they are traditional Korean food or western, super food market seem to enjoy a significant growth recently in South Korea.

Golden Farm
A South Korean walnut company Golden Farm is famous for producing quality walnut. Its all-in-one services from walnut farm development to selling are well known among the industry officials. For the last 6 years, Golden Farm has drawn noteworthy results from its enthusiastic research on tissue culture, sapling, pilot cultivation, ideal soil, blight and insect management and high yield. 

“Choice of breed and kinds of trees is the key of running a successful walnut farm. Then follows securing sales channel, pioneering markets and managing steady flow of income” says Jiyoung Yoon, CEO of Golden Farm. Yoon also points out that it is rare that walnut price drops in global market and it can be saved more than 1 year which means the price can be adjusted situation by situation in the market. 

Profitable farm
Golden Farm’s ‘profitable farm’ system is designed to provide all-in-one management services from finding location of the farm and ingredients to insect, harvest and sales for 10 years with high sense of responsibility. Farmers can choose to renew the contract every 5 years on finishing the initial contract for continuous management of the business. 

“I brought up this ‘profitable farm’ ideas and management services because I learned that many returners to rural areas were having difficulty in running a farm due to lack of knowledge and experience. Farmers can expect harvest from 4 years of opening a farm with help of Golden Farm’s excellent all-in-one management services. Golden Farm’s walnuts are fresh, flesh and the shell is hand-crushable” emphasizes Yoon.

Joining the business
Golden Farm is managing a total of 495,867 square meter walnut farms at the moment. Those who wish to join the business can visit to Seoul office located in Munjeong-dong, Songpa District. As the presence of Golden Farm has seen a sharp increase recently, inquires are pouring in more than ever either at returners fairs or calls and visits. 

The initial capital is around 40 million won ($32,800). Yoon says that the average lifespan of walnut trees are 70 to 80 years so farmers can make steady income. Farms managed by Golden Farm gets 70% of the profits generated from selling. 

“It is my goal to increase the management scale to 991,735 square meters and I’m also planning to introduce a walnut festival in Hoengseong County. The festival will contribute to selling and exporting of Korean walnut” says Yoon in confidence. 


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