Cutting edge South Korean wireless digital mike technology and portability opens a new era for super clear and clean wireless sound

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▲ Add Eleco / CEO Youngok Kim

The evolution of civilizations seems to be speeding up fast. We feel the analogue age something that happened a long time ago. Even in this digital age today, we are struggling to catch up the latest gadgets flooding out month by month. Companies without outstanding techniques and innovation are being left behind and the market is requiring faster wireless technologies for communications. Education is no different. Analogue materials are being changed into digital and teachers and students thus feel increased demand for cutting edge gadgets and equipment.


Add Eleco
Founded in 1987, the South Korean wireless mike specialist Add Eleco has built strong presence in the field with its cutting edge performance quality, sophisticated design and user-friendly functions. It is such a remarkable feat that the company secured ‘innovative digital wireless transmission of original sound’ through ceaseless research and development.

Add Eleco boasts these three excellent wireless mike series: NoC, OT and ADDY. They are extremely handy size-wise but loaded with all-in-one latest operation systems from receiver, amp and speaker to volume, sleep mode and on/off. One mike alone can do the pairing with 100 receivers which makes the set up never been easier. 

For examples, a teacher at school just carries the mike after installing receivers in all class to control. The transmission distance is up to 20 meters and once ID is saved on both the mike and receiver it gets paired automatically. It is battery-friendly so you can change it anytime anywhere and the receiver powers up to 15 hours. 

The Ministry of Science and ICT announced that all analogue mikes cannot be used from 2021 in order to step alongside the fast changing digital environment in the world. In other words, the market demand for digital wireless mikes is in promising perspective. And the Add Eleco’s advanced wireless digital mike series are being received as ‘thumbs up’ from clients. 


The wowing South Korean cutting edge tech
Add Eleco mikes are loaded with cutting edge portable 2.4GHz tech that realizes CD like clean and clear sound. Its own innovative ‘original sound transmission technology’ gives perfection to even high-pitched sound delivered as it is to 40W speakers and amps. And you can increase it to 300W by connecting additional speakers. 

“If the existing digital mikes lack in transmitting high-pitched sound that requires relatively more amount of data, the Add Eleco’s own ‘patented module’ simply just deliver the sound as it is like the analogue mike” says Youngok Kim, CEO of Add Eleco.


A must-have for teachers and buskers
The Add Eleco’s innovative wireless digital mikes are optimized for education as they express up to 150,000Hz while the existing wireless mikes normally express up to 80,000Hz. Poor and noisy sound can drop student’s concentration level significantly the reason teachers must use clear and clean sound digital mikes like Add Eleco.

In fact, the versatility of Add Eleco mikes is not confined in education alone but goes well with video, music playing and busking amp when connected with the Add Eleco’s outstanding digital amp and speaker lines. It is not surprising at all for this reason that Add Eleco’s clients come with various career backgrounds: educators, musicians, performers, church ministers, businessmen, religious staff and leaders and sports and event organizers. 

“We have this global ambition since we are confident with our knowledge, knowhow and cutting edge technology we have built for decades of years. We are already running an office in California, US at the moment and will gradually expand the markets to the whole world with customized design and services.”


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