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▲ Aloe Farm / CEO Woongil Lee

Started from China but rapidly spread in South Korea by a religious sect, COVID-19 is changing the way people move and eat. The government is pouring its most into containing the virus and advises people to wear a mask when going out, wash hands with soap for 30 seconds and avoid contact with others unless absolutely necessary. While fear and anger are expressed openly, some people are in seeking of food that can power up immunity to fight off the virus. 

What makes aloe to boost immunity?

The gel of aloe contains a number of sugar molecules bonded together which is called ‘polysaccharide’ and it is known to boost immunity. 100 to 420mg polysaccharide aloe gel can help boost not only immunity but also functions of stomach, intestine and blood vessels.

Geoje City, South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea is one of the perfect locations to grow aloe. The coastal city is warm and humid most time of the year with abundant sea breeze.   

Nestled in a corner of this city is Aloe Farm in which CEO Woongil Lee has cultivated aloe in eco-friendly way for the last 25 years.  

“I never use any agricultural pesticides or chemical substances. Instead, I use powdered oyster shell. This fossil fertilizer from oyster in the city is better than lime fertilizer in terms of soil amendment, productivity and quality.”

From gel to cosmetics

Aloe Farm diversifies aloe product lines from health functional food such as aloe vera gel and aloe honey tea to cosmetics such as aloe cleansing soap and skin care. 

“Our all-in-one production system makes the growing to packing process as simple and efficient as possible. It enables us to give fresher and healthier finish to all products which should be done within a day of cultivating the aloe.”

How to better eat?

Aloe tastes bitter. So when you eat aloe gel (99.9% aloe) you better eat with fruits or Yoplait to ease down the bitterness. Aloe gel BLY (90 to 95% aloe) is good for diet as it has low calorie. Aloe vera gel (85% aloe) contains real citron juice instead of fruit flavor while aloe honey tea is good to be added to salad and red bean ice flakes. 

What makes Aloe Farm famous?

Aloe Farm boasts certificates of HACCIP, Star Farm and Organic Farm. More than 60% of the whole aloe in South Korea comes from Aloe Farm. CEO Lee received a presidential prize for contribution to the industry as well as a number of renowned prizes including the World Agricultural Skills Prize, New Intellectual Farmers Prize and Converged Skilled Farmers Prize. Aloe Farm’s aloe honey tea started to delight French in Europe from 2011 followed by Chinese, Russian, Canadian, American, Singaporean and Malaysian. 

Drop by Geoje Aloe Theme Park

This glassed aloe theme park offers you not only experience how 100 kinds of aloes grow but also enjoy aloe footbath, aloe shower, and aloe sun cream and chocolate making. 


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