Can a spinning wheel generate electricity? Mullae Energy Tech CEO Youngsik Choi says ‘YES!’

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▲ Mullae Energy Tech / CEO Youngsik Choi

Pollution of the atmosphere on earth has long been alarming the humanity and we are now opening our eyes wide about its seriousness. Governments one by one are bringing up eco-friendly energy policies by banning the use of fossil fuels especially on vehicles while companies are struggling to take advantageous positions in the alternative energy industries that embrace solar, wind and ocean. 

Some experts of the industries say ocean energy might be the most eco-friendly but the techniques to develop the energy are still in the phase of research. Yet, ocean energy is worth pioneering while solar and wind have reached to a point of limit. 

South Korea has techniques that turn the fast tides of the seas on the southern and western coasts into electricity. But the plausibility in terms of the use of energy in real life is still in a question mark. 

A South Korean ocean energy pioneer Mullae Energy Tech has 4 patents related to this tide-turned-electricity technique. CEO Choi grew up making spinning wheels and often thought of an idea to use bicycle wheel electric generators. He carried on his interest in energy and started to work for Korea Midland Power in Boryeong City, the career which lasted for the next 26 years. 

“During my service in the company, I was obsessed with this idea to get energy by flowing water into a narrow channel. I quit and worked on how to execute this idea and was enlightened when I went to a firework festival with my daughter. I tried this and that for a while and finally made ‘eco-friendly spinning wheel electricity generator’” looked back Choi. 

The device artificially uses tidal current to flow fast to generate electricity. The design and structure is simple which makes the device not only eco-friendly but also economy for running and maintenance. 

Choi emphasizes the device can make an island 100% energy independent. He explains that it is simply made with a spinning wheel, bearings, a speed increaser and an electric generator. Choi already has proved generation of electricity by the device as well as optimization tests for commercialization. 

“The test in August 2018 was resulted in 35° flare angle of inducement structure, 2.5 to 3 water takers in the depth of the waterway, and half the wall length of the waterway for the device to be most effective.”

The biggest drawback however is that most households and companies are positioned way apart from the coast which makes it hard to actually use the electricity in real life. Choi says this is the point where the government provides necessary support. 

“It is regretful that the responsible departments keep asking quantified figures while reluctant to cooperate. I think they should better build a team of engineers and ocean specialists with necessary budgets if they see things in long term perspective. Who knows this seemingly insignificant device can make a great impact in the future energy industry in South Korea and the world?”

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