The world’s No.1 steel cutting knives master is but South Korean ‘Dae Won In Mul’

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▲ Dae Won In Mul / CEO Dohyun Choi

What might have pushed up civilization of mankind in speed? Steel experts say it is steel. Some of them even say mankind is still in the phase of Iron Age. Undoubtedly, steel is needed for cars, railways, ships, airplanes, buildings and many more. We cannot imagine living without steel as almost everything we use everyday has steel one way or the other.  

December last year, the ‘Steel Industry Rebound Tech Development Project’, brought up by Pohang City and North Gyeongsang Province, passed the final screening of the preliminary assessment carried out by the government. As a result, the licensing and the scale of the project are to be decided within the first half of this year and it will contribute to raising up South Korean steel processing technique as high value added industry. 

Shear knives, slitter knives and spacers for steel

Steel industry is one of the key industries in South Korea. It requires a considerable amount of capital and of techniques. Talking of dealing with raw steel, knives that cut and trim the steel into refined and desired steel are core tools. Alloy tool steel, for example, is important to cut the raw steel in terms of width and length. 

While industries that use refined steels are many and huge, not many are specialized in steel processing ‘parts’. But proudly presenting here is the world’s No.1 steel cutting knives master ‘Dae Won In Mul’ which has masterly expertise in manufacturing shear knives, slitter knives and spacers for steel.

Localizing parts for POSCO

Dae Won In Mul is a spinoff of Daewon Kang Up, the No.1 automotive spring manufacturer in South Korea. CEO Dohyun Choi of Dae Won In Mul started to work for Daewon Kang Up in 1981 and joined a parts localization project. Parts then were imported from Japan by POSCO. 

He was in charge of development of new products. He focused on knives for steel, in particular, and wowed the industry officials by succeeding the localization. Ever since, POSCO has been using most of its knives made by Dae Won In Mul. 

Not satisfied, Choi boldly opened a channel to sell these highly tech-driven Korean tools to steels companies in Japan. “The knives companies in Japan then united to block our supply but I’m sure that our high quality with around 70% price of that of Japan will turn their eye again to us” says Choi in confidence. 

Designed for POSCO Giga Steel

100% steel knives for POSCO Giga Steel are supplied by Dae Won In Mul which secured cutting power of up to 150kg of tensile strength steel. History-wise, steel technology is but a barometer of national power. Countries with advanced steel technology dominated the countries around and the world and they are the United Kingdom, Germany, United States and Japan. 

So called the Miracle of the Han River in South Korea also was achieved with steel industry as its foundation alongside heavy and chemical industries. We can say that the growth of POSCO has been backed up by the technology of Dae Won In Mul which has obtained numerous outstanding patents including 27K57V and PSD1, making it the best tech-driven steel knives company in the world, according to an official.

Global automotive and ship building companies are dire enough to get hold of light steel. Light steel means advanced high strength steel and advanced high strength steel needs highly precision cutting knives. And Dae Won In Mul made it possible of cutting power up to 150kg of tensile strength steel while most steel companies in the world have been struggling to make this happen. 

Nothing but excellence!

Having localized the knives and supplied to POSCO, Hyundai Steel and Dongkuk Steel, Dae Won In Mul has received presidential citations twice in recognition of its contributions. CEO Choi was listed in the Korean Master Skills and the company has been designated as an excellent supplier of POSCO for 13 years in a row. 

Dae Won In Mul started as a tiny iron foundry but has grown as THE best company in the world in the respected field. Behind this great achievement lies unsparing support of his colleague Jaehak Choi (Deputy CEO) and Gyogeun Shin (Director) as well as Daewon Kang Up Chairman Jaechul Huh who shared 37 years of friendship and colleagueship each other. 

“I also have to name Jeongbae Cha and Dongsu Jang (heads of parts division) who have walked the same path with us without a complaint even in difficult times” says Choi. “We are determined, Choi adds, to carry on our expertise for us, for the steel industry in South Korea, and for national interest, and for the better of the world.”


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