You are likely to land on Line Dance after trying all kinds of dances in the world

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▲ Line Dance Queen Korea Association / President Jeonghye Yoon

What dances are hip on Youtube now?

A South Korean singer ZICO’s Any Song Challenge is creating a heat wave on YouTube. The song topped the music streaming sites for 2 weeks and it got exploded when a number of celebrities joined the challenge. The song has witty lyrics and easy movements so that people of all ages can give it a shot.

Dance in fact is one of the most common forms of people to express their ‘thing’ inside from long time ago. And the advent of instant video streaming era today is shifting many a local dances to the people on earth to express and to share their ‘thing’. 

A line dance is a choreographed dance with a repeated sequence of steps in which a group of people dance in one or more lines or rows, all facing either each other or in the same direction, and executing the steps at the same time. Though it is one of many kinds of dances in the world, it is one of the most watched and tried on YouTube at the moment.

Where did it start?

Line dance is said to be started from the wild-wild west era in which western frontiers lined up to dance with synchronized movements. However, it was 1990s the dance started to enjoy global recognition. Those who fell in love with the dance often testify that you can hardly get out of its charm once you get into. One of the reasons is at its simple and cheerful movements. 

Who is Jeonghye Yoon?

Jeonghye Yoon is President of the Line Dance Queen Korea Association. She is one of the frontiers of line dance in South Korea. She majored in dance and worked in dance industry until she fell in love with line dance 13 years ago. Today, she is received as a pioneer of South Korean line dance. 

What is the charm of line dance?

Experts say since it is simple and cheerful the dance can keep body fit, liven up the mood, prevent Alzheimer’s, and anybody in the world can dance without limitation of time and space thanks to the prevalent online video streaming sites and apps today.

“In the past, relatively old people enjoyed the dance but today people of all age groups are joining either alone on video or through club activities” says Yoon. She has poured considerable amount of effort to draw young people into the world of line dance with dynamic movements and conspicuous costumes. Her Line Dance Queen movements are now being watched and copied not only with Koreans but with people in the world on YouTube.

Want to be a line dance instructor?

The Line Dance Queen Korea Association runs a number of courses customized for instructors, kids, adults and seniors. ‘Line Fit’, developed by Yoon, in particular is very popular among dancers since it combines line dance with yoga and bella fit in order to serve specific purposes. 

The association has 46 branches nationwide and Yoon goals to increase it to 50 within the year. Hundreds of people are learning the dance every week at the head office branch in Seocho District, Seoul, alone. The association runs workshops in the US, UK and Malaysia every year and uses the workshop as a channel for global exchange. 

When asked future plan, Yoon said “We are working on our online dance goods shopping mall ‘Queen Look’ and offline ‘Queen Stage’ where people gather together to give it a big shot.


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