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▲ Sea & Food / CEO Insik Yoo

Established in 1997, Sea & Food has walked a single path to supply quality food through continuous product research and development. Having secured its own food processing facilities, Sea & Food not only supply quality food but also runs all-in-one system for strict safety and hygiene, rational price and effective distribution. 

Insik Yoo, CEO of Sea & Food, is a man of philosophy. From the very beginning of the business, he put up his own self-discipline: ‘Walk the hardest to be the highest’. Under this motto, he focused on quality food and agreeable price which have been the driving force of Sea & Food ever since its establishment. 

Yoo, for example, increased amount of flesh of fish to 78% in fish cake products. The amount is significant as many fish cakes on the market only contain around 48% including big brands. For another example, Yoo uses more than 75% meat for grilled short rib patties and ‘sanjeok (Korean kebab)’, and more than 90% for sausages and hams. But the price is more than 50% cheaper than similar products on the market. 

“Despite they are processed foods, the tastes and favors are rich due to generous amount of flesh in there with quality intact. Moreover, they are supplied at cheaper price than the competitors and this, I think, makes Sea & Food different from others. I’m proud to say that about 1,800 companies, hospitals and food distributors nationwide are ordering from Sea & Food today” says Yoo.


Advanced distribution system

Sea & Food is received as a company that runs highly advanced distribution system in South Korea. From processing and production to packaging and supply, all necessary procedures are managed by the company with high standards. The headquarters in Incheon, in particular, manages processing, R&D, production and operation which then effective on factories, warehouses and offices located in Seoul, Pyeongtaek, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Gwangju, Busan and South Gyeongsang Province. 

The temperatures of trucks are constantly checked even during the delivery and the low temperature delivery system especially brings the safest and freshest food possible to all orders. In addition, all drivers must take training on a regular basis for consistency of quality delivery and the training include safety, packaging, expiry date and inbound inspection. 


Sea & Food spends sumptuously on R&D. CEO Yoo has never once stopped R&D as it has been the driving force for new products and effective management. In fact, Yoo is the one who first introduced trimmed fish in the sea food industry. It is also notable that a chef with 27 experiences in the field is joining the development team of R&D to give added value. 

Moreover, years of continuous R&D has simplified distribution procedure which then brought rational price and effective delivery. Sea & Food is famous for delivering even a box of food to the place specified when ordered. But above all, the time between production and delivery was surprisingly shortened so that the consumers eventually are the ones who benefit the most. 

1,800 client companies

Sea & Food’s fresh products are delivered to around 1,800 client companies. It is 100,000 meals delivered in and around the Seoul and Gyeonggi areas by more than 50 trucks if calculated a day. CEO Yoo started the business with 270,000 won ($226) at his hand in 1997 and built it to be a food distributor with 28 billion won ($40.2 million) yearly sales as of 2019. 

“I’m a man of trust. I learned trust is most important no matter what you do but especially when it comes to business. I have grown my business on this and it will be the everlasting life wisdom of me.”

Going for smart factory and smart business

In accordance with ever advancing information technology, CEO Yoo has already finished preparation for manufacturing automation and a smart phone app. “Smart business, I mean, is everything from stocks and ordering to delivery is made on a smart phone app. Clients or consumers can check all necessary information on products including price on the app, so everything and every deal is done conveniently and transparently.”

And going global

Having secured its fair share and status on the domestic market, Sea & Food is now looking for an opportunity to go global. “Made in Korea is widely recognized in the world thanks to the generation older who pioneered overseas markets and also to the recent K-Wave that is literally creating a heat wave around the globe. I make most of these advantages and I and my staff are ready to hit the road to the world.”


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