What good are money and success when we lose our health? Difference of 1°C makes your body and life healthier

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▲ Imikun / CEO Kuna Kim

Our body temperature is around 36.5°C. 1°C drop can drop immunity by 30% and basal metabolism by 12%. 1°C increase on the other hand can increase immunity by 50%. In other words, a drop of body temperature can affect body negatively especially the older people as the weaken immunity makes them vulnerable to virus and diseases. 

Introducing Bodyheat Steambed

Imikun, a wellness healing specialist, is famous for its innovative Korean medicine-inspired body heating therapy. The fumigation therapy of Imikun helps body release various chemical and toxic substances through natural herbal fumigation. It also increases the dropped body temperature to normal and stimulates the body to flow the blood and energy smooth and nice.

An ancient medicine book ‘Donguihaksajun’ records “Fumigation is an external medical treatment that uses smoke and steam to better circulate energy and blood of the body and also to prevent various diseases at the same time.”

‘Bodyheat Steambed’, the brainchild of Imikun, is built based on this traditional fumigation method but designed according to the needs and wants of people today. 

“Bodyheat Steambed is a natural body treatment device. It delays aging and makes body sound both inside and outside. It is noteworthy that the fumigation therapy was used among royal families and nobles from long time ago. 

The whole body heat treatment

Bodyheat Steambed is the first whole body heat treatment introduced in South Korea. This patented fumigation method is especially popular for its massage function among various other functions. It does not require rocket science to use but just lay the body and relax as the wooden box does things from A to Z. 

The wood used for Bodyheat Steambed is top quality Japanese fir tree and it is made with hands. Japanese fir tree is known to have excellent moisture capturing and to make our body and mind easy and clear. 

A choice of 20 kinds of medicinal herbs evaporate steam from under to upward to clean the body by letting go of toxic substances out while supplying beneficial substances in.

Body Heat Healing Shop

Body Heat Healing Shop located in Gwwangalli Busan is well known for those who know. From face treatment to whole body treatment, the detailed therapy programs are answering each different need of its clients. It became a hot spot when some of the movie professionals paid a visit to receive the therapy: they visited Busan for the Busan International Film Festival. 

Taking the momentum, CEO Kim is in process of opening body heat programs at a large Korean house condo town which is set to be built by Andong City and Fine Engineering & Construction. Meanwhile, a number of hospitals are considering introducing the body heat programs and postnatal care centers, saunas and sport centers are also take it into consideration, according to Kim.

“What good are money and success when we lose our health? I and my staff are determined to grow Imikun as a global healing specialist alongside the K-Pop, K-Drama and K-Beauty waves.” 

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