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▲ Hyunsook Lee / Happiness Coordinator

Healing and happiness are two of the most frequently quoted words in this day and age. And for those who earn bread and butter by give lectures on the topics seem to be enjoying their heyday on constantly receiving love calls from various organizations. 

Hyunsook Lee is a so called happiness coordinator. She is armed with positive mind and self-pioneering leadership. She grew up in a hard up family that could not afford her a middle school education. Not despondent, she self taught and passed the qualification exam which led to high school. 

She then married and had 3 children. It was in her late 30s that she started to work for ABL Life Insurance during which she met a variety of people. She earned a manger’s title within 10 months and has proved her excellence in communications and human resources for the last 22 years. 

At the age of 49, she challenged a hotel management course at a college and successfully fulfilled the course. She then took a 3 year happiness coordinator course and obtained a certificate. It is her goal now to open a private art gallery, to obtain a master’s degree, be fluent with 3 languages and be the principle of a happy school in the future.

For the last 6 years, she has actively engaged in giving lectures on happiness at the Suncheon Lifelong Learning & Cultural Center. She points out that “happiness is not at something big but at details”, “do not be self-conscious but be the main actor of your life”, “be content with what you have at the moment” and “meet a lot of people to see the worlds you never new”.

Lee reads 3 to 4 books a month in order to deepen her knowledge and wisdom. Alongside, she is passionate about painting and photography while regularly writes for the Gwangyang Economy. 

As for the New Year’s message, she quoted Carl Hilty’s <Happiness>: happiness comes into the door of thankful and it runs away through the door of grumble; meaning that we had better plant a tree of thankful in our heart’s garden to grow it with care for the year 2020.

“I learn a lot by giving lectures to others. I think we help each other to make progress for inner growth and for this we willingly open our hearts and pay attention to others. I’m 60 this year. And I’d like to publish an essay by gathering the scattered thoughts and wisdoms of life to share with more people.”

“Dance like nobody’s watching you! Love like you have never been heartbroken! Sing like you are alone in the world! Live like today is your last day on earth!” - <Hector and the Search for Happiness> by Francois Lelord.  

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