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Easing pain with Nuerepa patch 100% money back guaranteed when not satisfied

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Nuerepa / CEO Hyungjin Shin

Not many people live without pain. Strong or mild, most people have pain here and there and constant or every now and then. Some pay a visit to clinic and some rather endure since they are busy working and living. The problem, experts warn, is that the mild pain can be developed into chronic pain if ignored for a long time. But paying a visit to clinic takes time and effort and some people are seeking a convenient way to ease down the pain. In this regard, ‘Nuerepa patch’, introduced by a South Korean biotechnology company Nuerepa, is attracting attention. 

A newly introduced material ‘Nuerepa’

Established in 2004, Nuerepa has passionately carried out research and development on health products. In 2008, the company developed an innerwear that helps circulation of blood and in 2019 developed underpants for urinary incontinence with which the company obtained 3 domestic patents. In that same year, the company developed a portable large output laser and registered to health insurance benefit; it is now being supplied to clinics and hospitals. It was 2017 that the company developed the world’s first new material called ‘Nuerepa’ and started to make around 30 Nuerepa products such as patch, underpants, joint band, scarf, tummy cover, waist belt and mouthpiece. 

Nuerepa patch

Nuerepa patch among them is the bestseller. It is the result of 13 years of continuous R&D and was first released on the market in 2018. Nuerepa patch is a pain release patch that eases the pain in the neck, shoulders, waist and knees. It can be used semi-permanent by changing the attachment. Nuerepa patch is approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as a medical device and its safety by the National Institute of Medical Device Safety Information, and the Good Manufacturing Practice as well as the US Food and Drug Administration. 

Portable and efficient

Nuerepa patch is light, small, portable and efficient. 100% money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied within 15 days of its use. “You might experience itch when first used. This is a temporary phenomenon occur during the recovery process” explains Hyungjin Shin, CEO of Nuerepa. The principle of Nuerepa patch is at its pushing power of ultra-light wave that safely reaches to the bones and blood vessels to push out of the inflammation and pain. 

Global ambition

Nuerepa currently is managing 29 branches nationwide. Exporting its products to New York, US, the company now is preparing to expand the market. As part of this effort, Nuerepa signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Asia Medical Aesthetic Exchange Association in December last year. One the signing ceremony, the company appointed actor Hyunsik Im as an honorary ambassador. Meanwhile, Nuerepa has been donating money and patches to elderly people living alone and underprivileged youth. CEO Shin said “We are also planning to donate Nuerepa patch to national teams for better performance at international competitions. It is always our will to be a company that can make contribution to our society and the people.” 








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