King of eco-friendly kitchen utensils delivers ultimate taste of food to your dining table

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▲ Palbaek Dosi (800 degrees Celsius) / CEO Sangchul Yang

People often said in the past “taste comes from touch of hands”. Today, we are not so sure about it because tech-driven cooking machines cook the food as delicious as handmade. Not many would disagree with the commercial copy ‘rice cooker decides the taste of rice’. Talking of rice cooker, we cannot miss the South Korean kitchen utensil specialist ‘Palbaek Dosi’.

Natural cast iron and eco-friendly mineral materials
Many kitchen utensils we use are added with coating substances and PFC (Per-fluorinated Compound). These are known to be harmful chemical substances to our body. For this reason, there is increasing number of people seeking eco-friend cooking utensils nowadays.

Cast iron, for example, has been used since human came to know how to use fire. It is bulky and heavy and has excellent heat preservation and conduction. The drawbacks however were the weight and rust. 

“What makes Palbaek Dosi cast iron different from existing cast iron is that the surface is treated with nitriding and oxidation to prevent rust” says Sangchul Yang, CEO of Palbaek Dosi.

These cutting edge cast iron pans were sold more than 10,000 units within a month of release to those housewives and househusbands who recognized their excellence. The ‘dadama steel black iron’ for example is not coated, yet has excellent durability and heat conduction. Pots for shabu-shabu and foldable pans for another example are especially popular among campers. 

Above all, the soon-to-release rice cooker is highly expected to realize the taste of rice like it cooked in the traditional cast iron that also comes with crust: the double lid design also makes it possible to cook variety of foods.

Advance technology, excellent aftercare services
Many existing cast iron kitchen utensils in South Korea are imported and expensive. But Palbaek Dosi cast iron products are using POSCO iron plates and made with hands and the prices are affordable. 

“Consumers were not happy about the aftercare services even though they bought it expensive at department stores. Seeing their grumble, I started cast iron repair and recover services in 2014. Repair and recover of cast iron kitchen utensils take as much time and effort as making a new product. So I thought it better to make cast iron products that come with professional aftercare services.”

Aftercare services do not cost an arm and a leg but the minimum amount possible. When asked future plan, Yang said “I’m ambitious to grow Palbaek Dosi as one of the most famous South Korean kitchen utensil brands in the world. In fact, I’m starting to sell my products in the US and Japan through from late this year.” 

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