Local Remains No.64 in Yongin City A beautiful temple nestled in Mount Suksung

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The Buddhist painting at Bogwang Temple in Yongin City has Local Remains No.64 that is ‘shinjoong tanghwa (shinjoong Buddhist painting)’ of the Goryeo Kingdom. The temple was built in 1996 and recognized by Tibet Bumhwangchung in 2001. It is received as one of the most beautiful temples in South Korea gracefully nestled on the Mount Suksung. Chief Monk Haedam says “Building a temple means building a virtuous pagoda of one’s mind.”

Cremated remains of Jinshin

It is known that Buddha entered Nirvana at the age of 80 and it remains separated into 8 parts, and with ashes, housed in 10 pagodas scattered. Jinshin is this mix of his bones and energy and it is the highest object to worship.

Buddhist painting

The painting delivers contents of Buddhism and its doctrine and stories. In South Korea, the painting enjoyed heyday in terms of skills and the number during the Goryeo Kingdom and gradually declined to be a kind of folk painting during the Joseon dynasty where Buddhism was not welcome. It is Local Remains No.64.

Hall of Paradise

In the middle is Buddha and the left Goddess of Mercy and the right Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva.

Hall of Three Saints

God of Children, God of savior and God of luck and wealth reside here.

Cheondo ritual

One’s soul entering heaven depends on how many virtues one has made when alive. Cheondo means sending the souls for good as they are wandering the border between the dead and the alive unable to enter heaven. For this reason, the offspring should join the ritual with true heart and with right process.


Gatherings or events for both dead and alive are called in various names according to its purpose. The origin of this ritual goes back to 2,600 years ago in India where Buddha taught his disciples on Mount Yeongch. In the ritual, people try to understand the meaning of Buddha’s teaching and to live a better life than before.

49 Day Prayer

49 Day Prayer is for the living praying for the dead for 49 days so that the dead can enter paradise. On the 49th day, the king of the underworld judges who is good or bad. This belief was widely spread among folks in the past that they came to temple to pray for 49 days for the dead of their beloved.

Saving from disease and sharing food

This ritual gives the ghost food and Buddha’s teaching. This way, the ghost that carries disease is consoled by the kindness of the living and goes away without harming the living. People believed this disease carrying ghost in the past when a person is not clear of illness for a long time even after the treatment of the doctor.

Energy therapy

Despite highly advanced medical technique today, certain symptoms and diseases are not yet explained. Alternatively, some people turn their eye to oriental methods such as energy therapy. The theory of energy therapy is to turn the derailed flow of energy in our body to the right track. In this respect, Haedam has talent in energy therapy with which he actually made a progress in patients with possessed, depression and cancer. In fact, Bogwang Temple is ideally located to receive good natural energy in terms of geomancy.


Professor Heongdong Kim says that the surrounding area of Bogwang Temple is similar to the Korean Peninsula; the temple itself looks like a basket that certain areas around the temple is not piled by snow in winter; this is because a good energy comes up from the underground; it is also located a good distance from Seoul.

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