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Empowering abilities of women entrepreneurs Advanced business platforms pioneer overseas business channels

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Korea Women Entrepreneurs Association Seoul / Chairman Shin Keyong Seub

A 2017 report from the National Tax Service shows that the ratio of women entrepreneurs in South Korea is 38%. South Korea recently has seen an increase in number of women entrepreneurs and it is affecting positively the working environment and gender equality in our society. Alongside the raised female economic power, related organizations are also enjoying the upgraded recognition from the society. 

Promotion of growth, confidence and rights of women

The Korea Women Entrepreneurs Association set sail in 1999 based on the Act for Women Entrepreneurship article 13. As of 2020, the association has 2,600 member companies and runs 17 regional offices nationwide. The association’s Seoul branch alone has 350 member companies which is the largest among regional branches.


Cooperation through Women CEO Economic Forum 

Shin Keyong Seub, Chairman of the Korea Women Entrepreneurs Association Seoul, pledged during the election ‘building and support for public-private network’, ‘pioneering overseas business channels’ and ‘activation of training’ with her election slogan ‘servant leadership’. As the direct of the Seoul branch, she has poured most of her energy in implementing her pledge for the last 1 year and the board members of the branch are highly expecting to see the fruits within the year 2020. Among many projects of the association Seoul, the Women CEO Economic Forum, organized in connection with Seoul Metropolitan City, has brought tangible results. Taking podium as the first invited speaker on the day, Seoul Mayor Wonsoon Park opened his witty speech by saying “Seoul smiles when women smile”. The event was supported by the Seoul Regional SMEs and Startups Office and the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency Seoul which has provided information on export, fund, voucher and policies. Seoul Metropolitan City allocated 250 million won ($210,526) from its 2020 budget to the association’s Seoul branch to support its plans and projects. 


Advanced business platforms pioneer overseas business channels

Building advanced business platforms and pioneering overseas business channels are two core projects of the Seoul branch. “These two projects are very important to build foundations for women entrepreneurs to be directly connected to overseas buyers. As the initial stage, the Seoul branch is working to build simplified homepage of each member company in Korean and English for overseas buyers to easily screen the products and services they are looking for. Also at the same time, we are working on brochures and e-books in Korean and Chinese with the support of the Seoul Regional SMEs and Startups. When completed, they will be distributed to targeted overseas organizations” says Chairman Shin, adding that “80 members of the Seoul branch visited Hanoi for export promotion in 2018 and this year we are planning to visit Indonesia.”


Increasing the membership to 1,000

With a goal to increase the members to 1,000, the Seoul branch launched 10 committees in order to provide detailed help and support to member companies. “Each committee is regionalized within Seoul and they play a role to connect individual projects in connection with regional governments and organizations. The Seoul branch is issuing about 4,000 women entrepreneur certificates a year and it is our goal to increase the membership to 1,000. And we are paying particular attention to relatively young women CEOs who are equipped with fresh business ideas.”


Creating jobs for women

Shin is active as a member of the Seoul Metropolitan City Womanomics Governance and working in cooperation with the city’s women and family policy division and the women vocational training division. As part of this effort, she invited leaders of women startups to a small concert of the Seoul branch choir in December 2019 and organized mentor-mentee meetings for job opportunities. “We will keep doing our very best to provide our services for promotion, communication and integration of women entrepreneurs in Seoul Metropolitan City.”

Versatility and entrepreneurship are the names for this South Korean super woman

Shin is one of the most recognized super women in South Korea. She majored in clothes and textiles at Ewha Women University and carried on her study to a masters and obtained a doctors degree in literature. During the last phase of her study, she also studied Chinese opera costume in China for 3 years and served as a special researcher in the Korean Study Center at Peking University China with a role to spread traditional Korean costumes to the locals. She then built extensive knowledge and experience in the wedding industry for 30 years, trained students at Ewha Women University for the last 20 years, and currently is serving as President of the Korea Wedding Industry Society and of the Korean Society of Fashion Business. 

Korean wedding industry is an envy of China and South East Asia

Shin has lived her life for 30 years in the wedding industry. Like many K-Wave contents, K-Wedding is highly benchmarkable business for entrepreneurs in China and South East Asia. Shin was surprised by Korean speaking Indonesian wedding shop staff when she made a visit 10 years ago. “I think Koreans are sensitive and creative. The unique wedding culture in South Korea is delicate and beautiful enough to captivate foreign eyes and it is the reason that we still keep the leader’s role in the field” says Shin. Indeed. Parents of both sides entering with candles and bow each other before the ceremony is found nowhere in the world but South Korea. We might be familiar with this but it is a thing of envy for many soon-to-be-weds in China. In my opinion, Korean wedding has this sense of holiness and soul when compared to that of Chinese and Japanese.” 


A book melted with 30 years of knowhow and experience

Shin probably is the one who knows the most about China among the wedding industry officials in South Korea. From 2013, she has made a regular visit to wedding seminars and associations in China for exchange. Years of her passion and in depth knowledge in the field brought her an offer of publishing an all about wedding book by Qingdao Publishing in China. The book has already been demanded highly by regional wedding associations in China and requests for lectures are pouring in. “There are 22 wedding related departments at universities in China at the moment. Students are eager to learn sensitive and delicate Korean wedding styles. Seeing the huge growth potential of the industry in China, I’m planning to run a Youtube channel alongside publishing books.”


High quality but good price

Wedding day is one of the most heart throbbing days for most brides regardless what culture they belong to. According to Euromonitor, the US is the biggest beauty market but the crown will be taken over to Asia in the future. Cosmetics industry in South Korea has seen a rapid growth with volume of export increased to $6.2 billion in 2018 from $2.5 billion in 2015 thanks to the global K-Wave phenomenon. 

“I have prepared for cosmetic business for a long time as I received a lot of request whenever I visited China and South East Asia. Launching of ‘SHINSIAVIEW Spout Pouch’ is the very result of my ambition in this field and I targeted teens and 20s in those rising countries” says Shin. 

SHINSIAVIEW Spout Pouch offers 13 lines in 3 series: milk plus, vita plus and premium. The brand is set to release late February this year covering cleansing, toner, lotion, essence, BB, sun, tone up, collagen and hempseed oil. The attraction point of SHINSIAVIEW Spout Pouch is at the ‘high quality and affordable price’ as well as ‘light and portable’. It is especially good for flight crews and business women who have to make regular trips. 

A pouch is consisted of each 30g of individual items for about 3 week use. Each item is ideally made to meet the high standard and finish of bride makeup with strengthened absorbing, moisturizing and elasticity. With around $4 to $5, SHINSIAVIEW Spout Pouch is highly expected to create a hit among teens and 20s in South East Asia and in the Middle East. “K-Cosmetics in South East Asia are explosive. 

The only drawback was that they were too expensive for young women to open their purse. For this reason, the news of impending release of SHINSIAVIEW Spout Pouch is already attracting a flood of love calls from buyers in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia and the Middle East. Taking the momentum, I’m also planning to introduce SHINSIAVIEW Dry Shampoo that can shampoo the hair without water.” 


Shin asks herself these three questions.

Do I want to use it daily?

Do I want to buy at that price?

Do I want to recommend to my friends?  

Shin is ‘yes’ with confidence. 










“SHINSIAVIEW”为Ϲ妆继韩׵ K-Beauty热

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