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Introducing highly functional shoes Sago Zero A pride of Made in Korea

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Shinwonhwasung / CEO Choongeun Choi

South Korea’s shoes industry has been growing on Original Equipment Manufacturing. The accumulated technique and knowhow have made a great contribution to national economy and the industry continues to flourish with cutting edge shoe making techniques. Based in Busan, a South Korean shoes specialist group Shinwonhawasung has grown through unsparing research and investment in parts and materials and introduced its own brand Sago Zero last year. The shoes are loaded with ‘multi spike outsole technique’ designed to absorb impact to joints and waist and to prevent the slip. 

Expertise in shoe making

Shinwonhwasung runs production lines in South Korea, China and Indonesia and has made shoes for K2, Black Yak, Kolping and Dunlop. 2,700 employees are working in the 4 separate production lines in the factory in Indonesia alone. Gathering these years of accumulated technique and knowhow in shoe making for global brands, the company recently introduced its own shoe brand Sago Zero. CEO Choongeun Choi said “Sago Zero is loaded with the unprecedented ‘multi spike outsole technique’. If the global shoe brands Nike made a massive growth with its innovative ‘air bag’ technique, we will make the same growth with this cutting edge shoe making technique.”

Patented multi spike outsole technique

The spring housing in the shoes moves freely according to each step and absorbs impact to knees, waist and head. The spikes on the sole also prevent slips on slippery floor. A shoe consists of three soles and you can change soles according to your need. You can also choose a pair of Sago Zero for fishing, boating, running or climbing depending on your purpose. “The similar shoes developed by Japan have this drawback that the spikes are on hold and they cannot function properly when used for a long time or when stuck with foreign bodies. Sago Zero, on the other hand, improved this drawback with flexible spikes and is becoming highly sought after by workers, fishers and climbers for this reason.” In recognition of its technical feat, Shinwonhwasung received the 2019 Korea Excellent Patent Awards held by the Hankook Ilbo. 

Global expansion

Taking the momentum, Shinwonhwasung is working on global expansion by building its third overseas factory on a 66,115 square meter land. The factory will be equipped with production lines for hot melt, TPU, dying and high wave. When completed, the shoes are expected to be supplied to Nike and Adidas. CEO Choi is ambitious to increase yearly sales to 25 billion won ($21 million) this year from the average 15 billion won. Choi has 40 years of expertise in making shoes and is received as a shoe master and a living legend in the Korean shoe making industry. From ‘one touch boa system’ to ‘ceramic and rubber synthesis’ to nanotech ceramics to trek star, the South Korean shoe industry is now moving to the era of multi spike outsole technique of Sago Zero. 


"Made In Korea"

Īơ国内ߧOEM۰Ҫ˪ܪߧȪơ国経済発ު献ݪ쪿Ъ쪿ȫիު継졢国内̿֫ーЫͫëȫーߧȪƪ٤ڪ継Ǫ롣Ρݼߣ洪Ȫߧ発Ϊˡ続ܪ·ݻ関研ϼ󳪬ǡҴ発쪿󫦫()֫ɡ(SAGO ZERO)帪ҪȪͪڪɪ𪷪ޫѫȫー롹Īϡ歩関ェث˫撃収ϪപɡԳʪɪǪ転ͺȪǪȪȪ価ƪ롣 








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ުʪΣꡢ"Made In Korea"

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