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Disposable containers are altering the existing plastic cosmetic containers

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Orbital / CEO Minjun Bae

With environmental pollution being the center of global discussions to make a better world, plastic is the harshest blame to cause one of the major problems. Plastic containers for cosmetics in particular are the least recycled and governments and industry specialists are working on ways to change. Despite global economic slowdown, the sales of cosmetics have increase by 6.1% last year and the Euromonitor International predicted the sales would keep increasing by yearly 5% and reach to $600 billion by 2022. 

Orbital is a South Korean company famous for its innovative PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) cosmetic containers. These eco-friendly containers are made of cornstarch extract and are rising as good alternatives for the existing plastic containers. The PLA containers are harmless to human body and are decomposed in 180 days by microorganism. 

Minjun Bae, CEO of Orbital, used to work for a foreign bank but quit and established MJ Chemicals from which he launched research and development of new technologies. The course of his R&D then turned to eco-friendly cosmetic containers and eventually launched the current Orbital. 

Some of the largest global cosmetic container companies and National Geographic are importing Orbital’s eco-friendly PLA containers and the products are also being sold at Amazon at the moment. Regretfully though, companies in South Korea are rather reluctant to use this innovative containers due to higher price than the existing containers. 

PLA containers are around 30% more expensive than the existing containers in the market. Bae points out the importance of government’s tougher regulations as South Korean companies still prioritize price competitiveness while advanced countries value our health and safety as much as business. 

Orbital has obtained 11 patents and 6 design marks and some of the hot sellers of Orbital are as follows: multipurpose containers, lids, industrial equipment, caps and above all the multi-layered thin film blow containers and heavy blow containers specifically designed for cosmetics. Orbital currently has production facilities that can produce 110,000 containers daily and 3 million monthly. 

Bae currently is taking a doctoral course in cosmetic pharmacology at Daegu Haany University to deepen his knowledge in chemical reactions and dynamics between cosmetic substances and PLA containers. 




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