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The Hongik Foundation is a non-profit organization that is devoted to spreading historic and cultural contents to people through knowledge management and converged technology. Taking the Korean humanitarianism, the foundation is proactively engaging in finding the right and worthy historic and cultural contents in South Korea. 

The foundation runs a history and culture research center, a cultural contents development center, a convergence technology center and a media publishing center. The members of the centers are consisted of in-house professionals and of external specialists. 

One of the core projects of the foundation is to make distorted history by Japan right alongside settling down the issues between the two countries. The foundation sees that the history from the very ancient Korea has been distorted by the Japanese ever since they colonized the land. For the Japanese, it was necessary to lure elites of the Korean society to make a pretext for invasion; and thus born was ‘colonial history’. The seriousness is that it still has not changed a bit after 75 years of the liberation. 

Gathering the strength of 65 professionals in each field, the Hongik Foundation is working day and night to make all of those wrong and forged conceptions of Korean history right. The foundation has held 6 times of conference on which they threw harsh criticisms on ‘colonial history’ as well as 4 times of e-conferences that accompanied special lectures. 

More importantly, the correct and balanced views of the history of Korea are being made into contents by using the most of IT, computer graphics, 2D and 3D animations, broadcast and image technologies; and they are distributed online whether it is PC or mobile. The media publishing center of foundation in particular is making storytelling histories for everybody to understand our history easily. 

December 28 2019, the Hongik Foundation held an exchange event at Imperial Palace Seoul by inviting 140 professionals in the fields of history, culture, diplomacy and national defense. At the event, the foundation summarized the ongoing conference about the relations of South Korea and Japan; and directions for historic and cultural contents for the year 2020 were brought up afterwards.

Sejong University professor Hosaka Yuji, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology professor Jaejeong Jeong and Seoul National University professor Kijeong Nam took the podium to give special lectures and a discussion was made thereafter.

Yuji said “The extreme right Japanese prefers division of Korea and they never want peace on the Korean Peninsula. The nature of relations between Korea and Japan is that Japan does not want to accept the dynamic importance of Korea which springs up the conflicts in policies.”

Nam said “Japan’s recent economic sanctions made us realize that the unfair Japan-Korea Treaty of 1876 is stilling ongoing. Regretfully, the South Korean government still did not eradicate this unfair treaty when it resumed normalization of diplomacy with Japan in 1965.”

As for the year 2020, the Hongik Foundation is to push forward 1) analysis and measures on Korean history in the textbooks of Japan 2) scientific research on Japan’s forging myth of Gojoseon (ancient kingdom of Korea) 3) proofs to abolish the wrong concepts of history of Sokichi Tsuda, Shiratori Kurakichi and Katsumi Kuroita 4) genetic analysis on races, cultures and languages in South East Asia. 

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