Jobs for seniors, innovation for functional beds

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▲ Myeonsik Kim / CEO of Milarl

People in their 50s and 60s are the ones who built the pillars of the Korean economy. Yet we are not sure whether they are properly treated by the society as many of them are suffering ‘nowhere to work’ especially in this technologically fast changing society. On the contrary, however, many experts point out that they are the ones who have accumulated knowledge in their respective fields and above all ‘the experience’. In respond, companies and organizations with goals to promote jobs for senior members of the society are setting up one by one and the social enterprise Milarl is one of them.

Jobs for seniors
Milarl was established in December 2015 with an approval (No. 2019-006) by the Ministry of Employment and Labor followed by a number of other approvals from the Nice Information Service and the Ministry of Environment. It was this year that Milarl was officially approved as a social enterprise from the Ministry of Environment. Milarl is making and selling motion beds. On the other hand, it helps senior members of the society to find jobs. As to prove it, 12 out of 14 employees of Milarl are all seniors. 

Excellence of motion beds
The motion beds made by Milarl are functional beds that can adjust height and angle of the mattress to a desired level with a remote controller. The Logos, Agape, Elpis and Pistis models are customized for single, super single, twin and queen size beds. Recently, the company also released a cost-effective model Kalos. 

The beds are loaded with E0 eco-friendly materials, German OKIN made motor and the motor that passed a 20,000 time test. Milarl obtained KC mark for the beds and bought the Product Liability Insurance that covers up to 100 million won (84,688 US dollars). An official of the company says that the motion beds are especially good for stress, insomnia, blood circulation and pregnant women. 

Head pastor of Yulbang Church
CEO Myeonsik Kim of Milarl is the head pastor of Yulbang Church. “I think many senior members of our society are diligent and have accumulated knowledge and experience in the respective fields for more than 10 years. In other words, not to use them is but losing capable human resources. The launching of Milarl started right at this idea and I’m determined to grow the business for more senior members of our society.”

In fact, the motion beds of Milarl are the result of the accumulated knowledge and technique of the 12 senior employees and 2 young employees. The working hours are also noteworthy: employees are working 4 hours once in the morning and once after noon. 

“It is my goal to increase the number of employees to 50 within next 3 years. Apart from good working environment, I’m planning to introduce a welfare point for employees to use up to 100,000 won (84.70 US dollars) while securing increased number of chain stores for seniors at the same time.”

Motion beds have been appeared on the media number of times and attracted a good attention from the visitors at the 2019 Korea Eco-Expo. 

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