Pure and truthful is Bebeen

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▲ Soonsu Korea CEO Chilsik Yang

Not many will disagree if I say almost all households in South Korea use wet tissue. It actually has become a must carry as you can even see people habitually draw out one to give a wipe on their mat before seating on a lawn on a day out. It also is one of the most sought after items online especially by moms as a convenient hygiene item for their babies. The fold sales figures ($406 million) now than 5 years ago clearly prove that we tissue business in South Korea is at its heyday. Moms are willing to open their purse to quality Korean brands than cheap Chinese and among them is Bebeen, one of the most commonly seen in many households in South Korea. 

From taking off to flying high
September 2019, the Korea Brand Reputation Report released an interesting analysis on consumer’s choice of wet tissue. The analysis found that consumer’s habit affects the way they pick up goods. Brand-wise, Soonsu Korea’s Bebeen takes the pride of place. Established in 2014, Soonsu Korea has released a series of popular wet tissue brands Bebeeen, Ettian, Soonsu Story and Cooing that listed the company among the top sellers in 5 years. 

From flying high to the peak
Soonsu Korea started with $346,000 sales in 2014, jumped to $2 million after two years, another jump to $7 million the next year and whacking $12 million last year. Behind this explosive growth lays CEO Chilsik Yang’s endless innovation and R&D. One of good examples is the development of the Korea’s first 100 piece automatic piling machine alongside capped lid. Turning the Original Equipment Manufacturer system to its own brand, Yang released Bebeen and it was an instant hit topping the bestseller wet tissue in Coupang for 2 years in a row by selling 20 million packs. 

Pure and truthful is Soonsu Korea
Designed and made for family

From water and fabric to ingredients, all materials are strictly chosen and managed. The water that takes 90% of the tissue has filtered 6 levels of reverse osmosis to be ultimately purified and the olive leaf extract is safe and and the fabric is nice and thick. 

Safety, safety and safety
Harmful substances found in some wet tissue brands once dropped sales of the industry as a whole. But Soonsu Korea proved its safety through test held by the state that all Soonsu Korea products are safe from methanol and the poisonous sterilizing substances used for humidifiers. The test led Soonsu Korea to sales increase while others suffering sales loss and it proved one more time CEO Kim’s endless innovation and R&D is worth the effort. 

Money for value
Money for value is a deciding factor when buying a product. Considering the quality of Soonsu Korea’s wet tissue brands made by all-in-one automatic system, the price naturally seems to be higher than other brands. But thanks to the system that also covers sales and distribution effectively, consumers can buy Soonsu Korea’s wet tissue brands at a competitive price. Another contributing factor is relocating the headquarters and factory to Cheongdo County, the hometown of CEO Yang, to digest monthly 2 million units. The cutting edge facilities of the factory obtained ISO 9001 from the QA Intermation of the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. 

Going overseas
One reason low quality wet tissues such as Chinese are hard to find in the Korean market is because the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety applied the Cosmetics Act to all wet tissues from April 2015. This actually has raised the competiveness of Korean wet tissues in the global market resulting in increase of export. Among the leaders are Soonsu Korea alongside Yuhan Kimberly, Huggies, Bebesup and Enblanc. Taking the momentum, Soonsu Korea is pushing forward its export to Singapore and Vietnam while preparing for Indonesia and Malaysia. Vietnam in particular has brought a yearly 1 million sales to Soonsu Korea through a contract with a Vietnamese distribution firm. 

Social contribution
As CEO of a company and an ardent Christian, Yang has been engaging in social contribution for many years as well as in staff welfare. He increases the number of employees by 50% every year and remodeling the facilities of the company dormitory based on one room per person policy. 

“It is my goal to make Soonsu Korea a global wet tissue specialist and I and my employees are determined to make it happen.”


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