Master of Dharma drawings delivers a message of hope to people

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▲ Monk Bupyong

Monk Bupyong has devoted his life to helping people in need for a long time. At the same time, he has drawn Bodhidharma to express dark side of humans by borrowing the images of Dharma and he compares this with depressive and hopeless sentiment of people today. One might think “I might look like this” when looking at one of his Dharma works and eventually let things go that have been bugging for a long time. 

Dharma drawings normally are stressed with strong and bold brush works and people regard it as a bringer of good energy. Monk Bupyong, however, approaches from different angle emphasizing creator’s own style and viewers’ own understanding. At the end, it is the same that people want luck and happiness from Dharma drawings.

Bupyong is serving as the chief monk of Banryeong Temple in Goryeong County and the director of the Bupyong Dharma Culture Center in Saha District, Busan at the moment. The ongoing Dharma exhibition is organized to deliver a message of hope to the people nationwide and it started from Hapcheon County and is now in Goryeong County. 

Bupyong has exhibited his Dharma works for 20 years and this exhibition marks its 5th round. 45 works of Dharma drawings in zen style black and white ink is being displayed and the profits generated from the exhibition go to young people in financial need. 

“People look cool ostensibly but they are depressed and hopeless deep inside. That is a picture of humans. So I want to draw out the depression and hopeless through my Dharma works. Depression and hopeless come from desire because we want materials we originally don’t have. And it is interesting for you to find the pains the desire has brought to humans in my works.”

Bupyong majored in Korean painting and is on a master’s course at the moment. He won the general grand prize at the Korean Language Art Exhibition 2017, a runner up prize in the Korean painting category at the 43rd Grand Art Exhibition of Busan, and a special prize in the Korean painting category at the 2018 Gwangju Mudeung Art Exhibition. 

As a monk of a good heart, Bupyong is giving financial support to young people in need from his own purse. “What is more important than money is to know good people and have good energy and influence. I think I might have had a better life than now if I had more opportunities to meet good people in my younger age. This made me grow interest in young people and their encounter with good people.”

“One advice I would like to give is that I had happy childhood even though my family wasn’t a well to do. Look around, there are many people unhappy despite they have far more than I had. This is because they only want to have more while they have nothing much inside. Appearance is almost always deceitful but many people seek it nevertheless while neglecting inner strength.”

Bupyong’s good heart to help young people in need continues for this reason as long as he can stand and carry on his act of philosophy and enlightenment through physical support and through his Dharma works. 


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