Bringing harmony to workplace from totally different approach “Born is the harmony from clashes, scratches and bruises”

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▲ Jin Consulting / CEO Jinsu Kim

Humans cannot live alone. This natural condition makes one depressed and lost most of the time when failed to belong to a group he/she desired. Belonging to a group therefore has a great power to make one’s life happy or unhappy. Interestingly, we live among others but we still get lost. 

Jin Consulting CEO Jinsu Kim says that it is his job to bring harmony and balance to a group from individuals. His consulting focuses both on individuals and a group of people as the mutual parties to create harmony as a whole.  

Kim used to be a classical singer and conductor during which he opened his eyes wide to the importance of harmony as a whole that is made from individuals like an orchestra, as a group of individuals, plays a beautiful song. He then brought up three keywords which are breathing, tempo and expression as a unified tool for individuals to make harmony in the organization they belong. And he made it into a book <Live On Your Score>. 

“A good symphony should have truthfulness, understanding, embracing and consideration between the players and the orchestra, or organization if you like, as a whole. An orchestra is consisted of violinists, cellists, conductor, etc. Each instrument has unique sound and each player also has a unique character. Out of these unique sound and character comes from a beautifully harmonized song. And the leadership of the conductor, as the leader of an organization, decides either success or failure.”

Kim also brought up a choir as another good example for creating one harmony from individuals. 

“I run a choir session that lasts around 2 to 3 hours of practice and then a performance at the end. It is fascinating to puzzle out each different tone and voice and color into one unified harmony like it is sung by one person. And I never failed to make it happen.”

Kim emphasizes the importance of his ‘accepting first and then change later principle’. Everybody has pros and cons but many people tend to focus more on the latter. The problem is that this unbalanced self-accusation makes it hard to bring a change because they cannot accept their faults as they are. 

“We should accept first in order to change. Harmony does not come as itself but through clashes, scratches and bruises. Nothing is gained without pain. So we need to accept ours first and then others as they are and then make adjustment and then work together to finally bring harmony.”

These of Kim’s innovative methods for harmony have not only been effective in organizations and companies in general but also in charity and detention centers where people are in need of great help especially for their wounded heart. Kim writes in his book <Live On Your Score>:

We are not here to be perfect. We are here to make harmony. Life is not about me, me, me but us, us and us. Accepting and respect makes our society better and matured. We should remember the bright sun is only meaningful thanks to the darkness.

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