Finding vulnerable man with strong will in magnificent nature

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▲ Artist Jungae Lee

“The individual interpretation of people about my works is very important because what they feel is what they get and I think this subjective point of view is one of the charms to appreciate art works” says artist Jungae Lee. 

 Lee delivers onto canvas cliffy reality and hopeful future, and vulnerable man with strong will in omnipotent nature. It is a story of magnificence of landscape and the man facing harsh reality but overcoming it. Lee compares this with a saying of Charlie Chaplin “Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.”

 In her work <Father’s Morning>, Lee reorganized essence of lofty beauty in nature in formative language; the solid cliff speaks to us without sound and it symbolizes harsh reality; the paper boat, on the other hand, symbolizes a bridge that links the harsh reality to future world. 

 “<Father’s Morning> has dubious meaning: father is all fathers today who are struggling to make ends meet or father as my father.”

 Lee packs up her tools and travels far and wide to find nature’s beauty hidden here and there and then to deliver onto canvas. For her, different colors and ambience of each season is but enchantment of nature and she finds stories hidden during the process of shifting the images onto canvas.

 “In order to shape my idea of coexistence between nature and man, I have to directly communicate with nature in the wild no matter how far and wide it is. It is time consuming but I think it worth when a work starts to shape my intention.”

 Lee’s husband was a respected educator but he lived for several years in total paralysis as a result of a crime of young people. Lee observed him never blaming them or being discouraged but ascribes it to responsibility of all members of society who could not prevent it. 

 “I just felt a great respect towards him. I learned from him that we need to lower ourselves to see over the mountains. He threw us a message of better world and I helped him with my works as an artist and a husband.”

 Her 6th solo exhibition held at an exhibition hall at the Sangju Cultural Center was meaningful for both Lee and her husband as they were together throughout the day on the opening. She also secured a booth to display her works at the Crime Victims Support Center pitched up on Gwanghwamun Plaza to raise alarm about crimes and the sufferings of victims. 

 Currently, she is planning a national tour starting with the invitational exhibition held last July at Vidi Gallery. Meanwhile, she is serving as the head of the Seobo Society (art education research group). 

 “Looking back, every single path of life has become a work of art no matter how sad and how joyful it was. Likewise, I will keep walking the same path I walked for a long time.”

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