New concept exercises for fitness and beauty are here for you to enjoy

신태섭 기자l승인2019.10.24






▲ Korea Beautiness & Arts Agency / Director Eunyoung Jeon

Two of the hottest key words of modern society are beauty and health. Modern people are expecting to live 100 years and wellness of life naturally has taken the center stage of attention. Sound body makes sound mind and shape and through this people feel happy and satisfied. The new coined word ‘beautiness’ came from this importance of both physical fitness and beauty. The Korea Beautiness & Arts Agency was established to find beautiness stars and to spread advanced concept of fitness and beauty to the people.

Beautiness embraces fitness and beauty
“Competitiveness of fitness can only be secured through continuous self-development. And synergy is created when the elements of fitness are combined with the elements of beauty, fashion and more. The Korea Beautiness & Arts Agency set sail with this motto and we are dete