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▲ Korea Beautiness & Arts Agency / Director Eunyoung Jeon

Two of the hottest key words of modern society are beauty and health. Modern people are expecting to live 100 years and wellness of life naturally has taken the center stage of attention. Sound body makes sound mind and shape and through this people feel happy and satisfied. The new coined word ‘beautiness’ came from this importance of both physical fitness and beauty. The Korea Beautiness & Arts Agency was established to find beautiness stars and to spread advanced concept of fitness and beauty to the people.

Beautiness embraces fitness and beauty
“Competitiveness of fitness can only be secured through continuous self-development. And synergy is created when the elements of fitness are combined with the elements of beauty, fashion and more. The Korea Beautiness & Arts Agency set sail with this motto and we are determined to spread advanced form of exercises and arts for better health and beauty as well as wellness of the society” says Eunyoung Jeon, Director of the Korea Beautiness & Arts Agency.

 The Korea Beautiness & Arts Agency has held the World Beauty Fitness Fashion Korea (WBFF Korea) and a number of related events such as the Korea’s first Women AFIC Fitness Convention, the World Yoga Championship WYC, AFIC Conference, Beautiness Star Championship, and Beautiness Star. Currently, the agency is preparing the IDEA KOREA by signing a MOU with the IDEA WORLD US which is to be held on 29th to 30th August 2020. 

27 years of single path as a fitness specialist
 Director Jeon has 27 years of experience in the field of fitness and is received as one of the best in South Korea. Apart from being the director of the agency, she is serving as the principal of Beautiness Dreamfit School and an Asian representative of the Bungee Fly Asia. 

 She has won numerous prizes at competitions home and abroad and took in charge of assistant choreography for the opening ceremony of the 1997 East Asian Games, and for the opening ceremony of the 2002 Asian Games Busan. Also, she directed choreography for Jiwon Ha and Jaeyoung Jin for the film <Sex Is Zero>. 

 Last August, the Korea Beautiness & Arts Agency appointed Sungbae Gong as the new chairman of the agency in order to promote more contents of beautiness and arts. Jeon said “I expect Sungbae Gong, the newly appointed chairman of the agency, will contribute greatly to spreading excellent programs and contents of the agency to the world over Korea.”

Gong said in response “Thanks to Jeon’s passion and hard work, the agency has grown to be an organization that can issue 3 international certificates and 13 private certificates. I feel a great responsibility as the newly appointed chairman and I will do my very best to push forward the agency one step ahead.”

Unique contents for beautiness
 The 3 international certificates are 1) Bungee Fly 2) Balleton 3) BOSU and the 13 private certificates are 1) Drum X 2) Budgee Kids 3) Ballet Fitness 4) Yoga Instructor 5) GEMS 6) Pilates Instructor 7) Aerobic 8) Group Exercise 9) HIIT 10) Group Fitness Trainer 11) Personal Trainer 12) Correct Body Specialist 13) Dance Fitness. 

 Bungee Fly especially is an exercise of physiotherapy combined with bungee jumping ideal for rehabilitation and diet. Jeon learned Bungee Fly in Italy and adopted it for Koreans. It uses elasticity of strings to accelerate aerobic and muscle exercises simultaneously and it burns up to 1,000kcal.

 Balletone meanwhile offers a new concept exercise that embraces fitness, ballet and yoga and it is ideal to relieve stress. As it involves strength, cardio and elasticity, many fitness specialists pay attention as a new concept exercise. 

Bringing K-Beauty and K-Fitness into K-Contents
 Apart from creative exercise programs, the Korea Beautiness & Arts Agency regularly organizes conventions, workshops, seminars and educational events. Also, the agency is planning to combine the elements of K-Beauty and K-Fitness in order to create a new level of K-Contents for fitness and beauty.

 Jeon says “The fitness industry in South Korea is growing and advancing faster than ever and can now compete shoulder to shoulder with those of advanced countries. So it is important for us to create a new level of K-Contents for fitness and beauty to lead the global market in the field.”

 Relocating the headquarters to Seongdong District Seoul, the Korea Beautiness & Arts Agency is busy preparing to co-hold the EXPORUM and Balance Festival at the 16th AFIC Convention held for 3 days from 18th to 20th October at COEX.

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