Strengthening the weakness is a key to success

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▲ Uni 1 Math / Director Donghyuk Kim

South Koreans zeal for higher academic achievement is well known in the world. Not only time and effort are pouring at school but even more at private academies after school. And math and English are the two most difficult and desired subjects to increase scores. Yeouido is a famous cluster of private academies that is shoulder to shoulder with that of Daechi-dong in Gangnam District, Seoul. Yeouido also is a place where the math academy Uni 1 Math is nestled. 

Hongwoo Building in Yeouido houses 60 private academies including Uni 1 Math. 6 teachers led by director Donghyuk Kim have extensive knowledge and experience in the field and their professionalism and differentiated curriculum have been well recognized by both students and parents. 

Uni 1 Math is using its unique math concept book which is reiterated over and over by students in order to improve understanding on how numbers and math work. Students are encouraged to use notebook to leave trace of how their solved math questions to be used as reference later. The analysis on wrong answers are pointed out and explained by teachers to avoid the same mistakes and the class is set to 50 minutes, the same as the exam time. 

Notebook for question, answer, feedback and concept
“I believe that no student is bad at studying but they are just not interested. For this reason, I ask parents not to say ‘my son’s or daughter’s math is terrible’ as it discourages them even more. Instead, I ask parents to say ‘It’s ok. You are doing quite alright’” advises Kim.

“Feedback is very important as students often forget what they have learned after a day. This is the reason that teachers at Uni 1 Math encourage students to send what they have learned until 12 noon the next morning through Kakao Talk for convenience and fast feedback. In this respect, using the notebook for question, answer, feedback and concept is crucial.”

Uni 1 Math also teaches higher level math questions to lower level students in preparation for earlier adaptation. Teachers at Uni 1 Math also motivate students to reiterate math workbook over and over up to 4 times. This way, the foundation for math is firmly laid out. 

Strengthening the weakness
“One of the reasons students give up math is because they don’t know why they cannot make progress. In other words, they don’t know where their weakness is laid” explains Kim.

Kim pointed out students with constant flow of information and methods of study from both teachers and parents are more likely to score higher than those with lack of information and methods of study. And teachers at Uni 1 Math are focusing in the first 3 to 6 months to maximize these two elements. 

“Catching up the standardized methods is not an effective way to improve math but finding out one’s weakness is. When the weakness is found, it must be followed by customized learning and reiteration.”

When asked about future plan, Kim said that he and his team were ambitious to expand the business to Daechi-dong, Mok-dong and Junggye-dong as well as China on a gradual pace. 

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